Prayer For Decisions

O Lord, teach me to know that which is worth knowing and love that which is worth loving and to dislike whatsoever is not pleasing to Your eyes.

O God, you know that todayor very soonI must make a
decision which is going to affect my whole life.
Help me to choose rightlyand to choose the right way.
Grant me your guidance, and with it grant me the humble
obedience to accept it.
Help me not necessarily to choose what I want to do, but what
you want me to do.
Grant that I may not be swayed solely by fear or by hope of gain,
by selfish love of ease or comfort or by personal ambition, by
the desire to escape or by longing for prestige.
Help me today in humble obedience to say to you, Lord, what
will you have me to do? and then await your guidance, and
accept your leading.
Hear this prayer of mine and send an answer so clear that I
cannot mistake it.
This I ask for your love's sake! Amen.

Gracious Father, I am dealing with a very complex situation right now. I need grace during this time so that I can do the right thing. Let your grace be upon me so that I may find favor with the right people. Father, do not let me be ashamed for those who oppose me are waiting for me to stumble and fall. Give me a clear vision of where to go and how to get there. Let your grace help me to rely on you fully for the glory of your holy name. In Jesus' name, I believe and pray. Amen.

My dear Lord Jesus Christ,
Today,Lord Jesus,I ask for Your help,please teach me how to make a right decision.
Dear Lord Jesus,please give me wisdom and knowledge and guide my thoughts,as I make my decision.
Lord Jesus,please help me to make the right decision.
May the decision I have to make is the right decision,to see the truth and obedience to God's Word and His Will.
I pray that today,May The Word od God and prayer be my decision making,tools and armor in all aspects of living.
Thank You Lord Jesus,for Your perfect guidance and Your abundance blessing.
In Jesus mighty name I pray.
Amen and Amen.

Today, as I have a decision to make, help me make it with thoughts, not only to benefit myself, but to benefit all around me and to give You utmost Glory in all things.

May my sole focus be to live a life benefiting those who look to me in hope, who feel loved in the little things I do and in the blessings I share with others, in the simplest of my words and deeds.

Lord Jesus, I earnestly pray that I may never become proud and self-contented to think only of my own wants and desires.

Help me to open my heart and mind, to be a blessing to one who is in need.

May I be a channel of Your peace and love to one who is in distress, and a light of hope for someone who is condemned.

Last, but not least, I pray for the spirit of wisdom and discernment to guide my thoughts as I make my decisions. AMEN!

Lord God, I pray for a clear understanding and a peace that only you can provide. Remind me that my thoughts are not your thoughts and my ways are not your ways (Isaiah 55:8-9) when I am struggling to see clearly and make decisions and that peace is a gift only you supply. When I'm restless, anxious, and uneasy, strengthen me to move forward with eyes only fixed on you. Please keep the enemy from polluting my heart and confusing my mind as I draw nearer to your truths, Lord.

Heavenly Father, I admit that in my sinfulness and brokenness, too often I desire my will above yours. Lord, forgive me for my selfishness and unbelief as I react to this unclear season of life. Jesus, as you yourself desired not your own will but the Father's will (Matthew 26:39; Mark 14:36; Luke 22:42), so let me echo this prayer in boldness and humility. Equip me to truly believe that you are good, you are sovereign, and are a Father who desires only the best blessings for me but that what you see as a blessing may not be mirrored in how I perceive it. Lord, by praying your will be done, I surrender in trust and obedience.

Father, I need wisdom that only your Spirit can give me. Help me to not lean solely on my own opinions, thoughts, or dreams or what my society, culture, and circle have to say. I need godly not earthly wisdom, Lord. Please supply me in knowledge and truth as I battle these tough decisions and uncertainty. Father, open my eyes to the barriers holding me back from spiritual progress and help me to walk confidently as I discern the next steps I need to take in my life.