Prayer For Daughters Birthday

Happy birthday, love. I can never stop praying that you succeed in your field of endeavor. Where others go and fail, you'll go there to become a distinguished woman of excellence.

As the rain falls to make the soil ready to receive seeds, may good health and sound mind be made in abundance to you in this new year, so that you'll achieve all that your heart desires. Happy birthday, my dearest daughter.

Happy birthday, empress. On this day, I bless you with the blessings of long life, good health, prosperity, and peace. May you have no reason to regret any decision you make in this new year of yours.

My daughter, you are a divine project in God's hand. I pray that your new year that began today, shall reveal a part of you which will thrill many. Happy birthday!


Thank you for my wonderful husband/wife. I remember the absolute joy of meeting him/her and becoming his wife/husband. I am so grateful for the way your love has woven our lives together through the years. I treasure all that he is and all that we have become as a couple. Please bless him with such contentment and hope on this birthday. May his memories be sweet and his day be full of laughter and joy. May he be aware of your love for him. May he feel special and walk into the next year with excitement for his future.


Dear God,
Thank you for my Dad/Mom. He is loved so much by us all. May his birthday be filled with special moments. May it be a time to remember and to celebrate times gone before. May it be a time to share love and laughter with family and friends and a time to enjoy this wonderful world together.

Bless him and keep him this next year. Fill his mind with excitement and hope, watch over his health and happiness and let him know how much he is cherished and cared for, by us and by you, his heavenly Father.


Dear Father,

I pray for my brother/sister as he/she celebrates his birthday today. Please fill his heart with such happy memories, fill his day with fun and laughter, and his mind with hope for the future. Thank you for giving us each other, please protect and keep him. Help me to be a good sister/brother to him, to encourage and care for him and be there for him. May he walk in your richness, goodness and grace, and know that you are with him always.
I love him so, but I know you love him more. So I trust that your love will follow him always.


I am so blessed to be given such a wonderful daughter/son. She/he has always been a light in my life bringing such joy and happiness. I pray on this day when we all celebrate her birth for your love to chase after her. May she enjoy life and always be protected by you. Lead her forwards to grow into the woman/man you have intended her to be, full of grace and truth, strong in faith and hope, and rich in love.

Thank you for her life so far. I continue to trust her to you.