Prayer For Daughters Future Husband

Heavenly Father, I pray a special blessing over my daughter's future husband today. I also pray for his protection. Please remove any temptation or evil that is attempting to make him fall, get hurt or turn from You. Guard his heart and cover him with Your peace. If there are any situations or circumstances that cause him pain, I pray that You would heal him and make his heart whole. Amen.

Heavenly Father, I pray my daughter's future husband would have a strong understanding of who You are and how You are moving in his life. I pray his heart is full of discernment and is sensitive to Your Holy Spirit. I pray that He is willing to address His emotions and doesn't push them away. Soften his heart so he is always willing to yield to You in humbleness. I also pray that he would embrace all that You have for him and that he is passionate to service You joyfully. May he continue to experience intimacy with you. Amen.

Father, thank You for wooing me to Your heart, just as a husband woos his bride. I pray that my child's spouse will sense your unconditional love for them and realize their need for You at a young age. Make them a person after Your own heart. Put people in their life who will share the good news of the Gospel with them and model for them what a life led by Christ looks like. Give them the desire to follow You and the courage to say yes to You all the days of their life. May their relationship with You grow stronger day-by-day. Help them to trust You wholeheartedly and to always put You first, even after marriage. Amen.

Lord, I ask You to cultivate within her a love for silence and quiet moments spent with You. May she learn to hear Your voice and respond with trust-filled obedience. May her desire to be heard, whether by you or others, never overpower her heart to listen well. May she long for Your voice and daily seek Your guidance.

As she sits with others, may she quiet her mind so that she remains actively engaged. I pray she creates a safe environment, within the home and without, where others are encouraged to openly share concerns and emotions. May she be alert to words spoken and unspoken, with wisdom, drawing out the deep truths in the hearts of those she loves. When she is to respond, may she do so with wisdom and kindness, speaking all that You ask and nothing more. When she is to remain silent, help her do so with confidence and grace, knowing Your truth will ring out in a thousand other ways. May she mourn with those who mourn, laugh with those who laugh, and walk beside those who otherwise might stumble.

As I patiently, perhaps even painfully, release my precious child into his care, recognizing that the bonds between husband and wife must grow stronger than those between mother and child, may he listen to my heart as well. When I misspeak or release her imperfectly, may he grant me grace, knowing I, too, am learning to love well.

But most of all, God, I pray you would hold her, her family, and her marriage close to Your heart, keeping them from all harm and showering them with the abundant blessings that come through fellowship with Your Son.

Heavenly Father, I pray for my daughter's future husband; wherever he may be. I pray that he is surrounded with godly men and women to guide him in his journey with you. I pray that he is upholding Your Word and if he is yet to know you, I pray that you would reveal Yourself to Him. Grant her patience until Your perfect timing. May we honor You in all we do; even know. Thank you Jesus that Your perfect plan is not one second early or late. Amen.

Father, thank you for my children. While they are still young, I want to pray today for their future. Today, I lift up my daughter to you. Help her grow to be a woman after your own heart. Help her to have discernment in the ways of love. I pray that you will raise up a future husband for her who has a relationship with you, God, and that he continues to grow in that relationship in the years ahead. I pray for his parents or role models. Give them wisdom and discernment. Lastly, I pray for myself. Help me to be a good, godly father and example to her. I commit all this to you in Jesus's name, Amen.

Lord, You created my daughter. You saw her being formed in my womb, and you knew she existed, even before I did.

Besides knowing you as her savior, who she chooses to marry is the most important decision she will ever make. And so Lord, I pray for her. I pray for him.

I pray for them.

God, may my daughter's future husband love you with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength. May he be a man who loves other people as he loves himself.

God, be working in him, even now, to form his love for you, and for others.

Put people in his life to help him love you. Put circumstances in his life to help him trust you. Put successes in his life to help him praise you.

Lord, may my daughter's future husband appreciate her goodness and her gifts, and may he value her as his true companion. May he be a godly, servant leader of their home. Make him the kind of man who can say with genuine authenticity, Follow me, as I follow Christ.

Lord, help my daughter's future husband be a hard worker, a man of complete integrity, and a man she can trust to protect her and provide for her. Teach him the value and satisfaction of a job well done.

May my daughter's future husband be an unselfish man, who loves her as Christ loves his church. Give my daughter a man who is willing to sacrifice himself for her. And Lord, help my daughter never take his sacrifices on her behalf for granted.

God, I pray that my daughter's future husband would be strong, loving, kind, and wise. Help him live with her in an understanding way. May he validate her strengths, and help her grow in her weaknesses. May she do the same for him.

I pray their life together will be filled with love and laughter. May they always be friends, and never stop being lovers. Give them a home filled with joy.

I pray they will cling to each other through the storms of life. When life gets hard, remind them to turn toward each other, not away from each other. Give my daughter a man who is brave enough to work through difficulties with humility and grace. Give her a man that won't quit on her, on himself, or on You.

God, I pray that my daughter's future husband would give himself fully to her, and she to him. Give them deep satisfaction in each other's embrace. May he be a safe refuge for her; may she be a safe refuge for him.

May their life together be a signpost for others that declares, God is real and God is good.

But Lord, until the day he walks into her life, and she walks into his, draw them both close to You. May each of them learn how to depend on You. Always. Give his parents wisdom as they raise him. Give us wisdom as we raise her.

Lord, watch over him. Watch over her.

And bless them both.


Loving Lord, how I bless You for the heritage and gift of children and I do thank You, Father, for having given us our beautiful daughter to love and cherish and care for. I thank You with all my heart for our precious girl, whom I love so dearly.

I pray Lord, that as she grows-up she will grow closer to You with each passing year and that You would give her wisdom and discernment to know what is right and to reject that which is not of You. I pray that by Your Holy Spirit, she would cultivate in her, the spiritual graces of a godly woman and I pray that You would bring into her life the man of Your choice, to be her future husband.

I pray Lord, that he would be a true man of God. A man after God's own heart, who will be a spiritual leader to his wife and family, a man who is established in the Word of God.

I pray that he would be a man of integrity and patience, with wisdom and understanding, a man who is trustworthy and loyal, a man with strength of character and godly humility. I ask that You would keep them both pure for each other and bring the right man into her life at the right time. Thank You for hearing my prayer. In Jesus' name,