Prayer For Daughter Birthday

Having you as our daughter has brought nothing but joy beyond measure into our lives. May the Lord bless you with prosperity and long life. May your heart and soul always know happiness. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you, my sweet daughter! It is my prayer that you live long on this earth to see all the desires of your heart materialize. May the divine light of God always shine on you wherever you may go

My beloved daughter, on your birthday, I pray that the Heavens bless you with the most important thing in this world true happiness. May this great blessing follow you until the end of time.

My Lord you have guided and looked after my celien all these 10 years through allups, downs , sickness, saness and hard times.

The Lord who has brought us through all these times is sufficient to lead us beoynd and further. There's no pillar as strong as HE is, there's no rock as solid as HE is. When God is with with us, who can be against us?

My God please bless my daughter with a new year full of grace and kindness. Shower your everlasting mercy on her. Guide her and keep her fot from treading wrong ways and path of evil sources.

Help her to grow spiritually through your divine words and a responsible daughter.

Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer.

You celebrate your birthday every year. But this year, favour, God's blessings and mercy, love, success, and more are all I wish for you now and forever. Happy birthday, darling daughter.

Darling daughter, as it's your birthday, my God open doors of opportunities to you. Amen.

May you flourish and prosper abundantly in every aspect of your beautiful life. Happy birthday, dearest daughter.

Dear daughter, I pray that God will bestow favor upon your life so that you may enjoy victory in whatever you do. Have a beautiful birthday celebration, my dear.