Prayer For Dad With Cancer

Lord, let your light shine to those who suffer from cancer. With your almighty presence, heal their bodies and restore their spirits. Protect them with your loving embrace to ease their pain and drown out their fears. All this is possible by the grace of God. Amen.

Our God and our Father, we thank you for the knowledge and strength you have given us to help heal the sick. We couldn't have done it without your guidance and your everlasting grace. May you continue to bless us with your divine healing; to show us the way. May our decisions and actions in curing the sick be a reflection of your glory and compassion. May every cancer cell in our patient's body be defeated through your healing hands. We pray this in God's name, Amen.

May God nourish and strengthen my body to foster healing through His divine grace. May He alleviate my pain and bless me with encouragement, so that I have the courage and the will to surpass this plight. Amen.

My God and my saviour, help me get through these tough times.
Fortify my will to stay strong and optimistic.
Touch me with your healing hands to ease the pain,
And let me feel your divine presence for hope and strength.
This cancer has taken its toll, body and mind.
But your love and compassion hold greater power. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Father, the Almighty, have mercy on your afflicted children. Bless them with your healing as they give it their best to survive cancer. They have suffered enough and yet, they remain optimistic of the future; their faith resolute. We, therefore, humbly ask for your protection and power of healing, in Jesus' name. Amen.

God Almighty, bestow cancer patients with your love to comfort their weary body and spirit. As they struggle physically and mentally, give them the courage to fight even harder. We believe in you, dear God, your compassion, your mercy, and your immeasurable love; we pray to God the Father in the name of Jesus.

Father in heaven. I come to u today to ask you can you please take away my dads lung cancer. Give him back his strength Lord and let him enjoy his life that you have given him. Please lord I don't want to lose my faith. Please heal him take out this horrible cancer that has come into his life heal his body Lord so that it never returns.

You have always helped me with so many things over the years but this quest is the main one I need you to do this please. I can't be without him. Without my dad I won't be able to breath. Don't take his life and ruin mine and all the families we will not be able to carry on without our dad. Please father grant this for me. Amen

Heavenly father ,i thank u for being with me throughout my life in all the good times and bad .please forgive me for any of the sins that I have family is waiting for the biopsy report of my father as he has been detected with Some nodules in lungs and pelvic .

I beg dear Lord to bless him with good health and take away the dreaded disese that he is suffering with.give him the courage and strength to overcome it.please continue to shower ur blessing and healing touch upon him.