Prayer For Creative Success

Like everyone else, Lord, I want to succeed in my life and in my relationships. Balance is something I am always seeking so I can be successful in every area. Help me not to put work, hobbies, or other activities ahead of You, my family, or my relationships, but to keep You in the center as the hub of my life. Teach me Your priorities and help me keep them in the right place. Everything must revolve around You, Lord.

Bless my efforts to succeed, and may excellence, not perfectionism, drive my desires. Make me not only successful, but usefula vessel of honor to be shared and poured out for You and Your kingdom. Thank You that Your plans for me are beyond what I could possibly ask or hope or imagine. You actually want me to succeed so I can give You all the praise, honor, and glory. I can do nothing without You, Lord.

When seasons of difficulties or interruptions creep into my life, help me to see them as opportunities to develop patience and persistence. You have given me every piece of armor I need to fight internal or external battles, and You have promised that nothing formed against me will prosper. You know my beginning and when my life will end. You started the work in me, and it's You Who will make it successful. You will complete that work as I simply abide in You, walk humbly and honestly, committing my life and all my plans to You. Teach me to value and honor the ebb and flow of life that includes celebration, joy, pause, and reflection.Because Your plans and Your ways are not like mine, Your idea of success for my life may not make sense to me at times. But as a faithful, sovereign God, You hold it all, including permission to change me or my circumstances to fit Your plans for my life. Fill me with Your power, Your grace, and Your love, so that I can be at peace as much as is possible with every relationship and every aspect of my life. Help me to know and do Your will, Lordso that any success You give me will in turn bring You the glory You so deserve. What I desire most is to come to the end of my life and hear Your Well Done! That's true success to me.

In Jesus' precious name, Amen

Lord, today I'm asking You to help me succeed as a student. I believe You are the Dream-maker, the Cultivator, and the Fulfiller of all worthy dreams. You have been the Designer of my plans all along, and it's You who will make them successful. Help me to focus on my schoolwork, to listen carefully and show respect for my teachers and professors, and to receive correction well in areas where I'm wrong or haven't yet mastered.

I know I am more than a student; I am a life-long learner and Your ambassador on mission wherever I go. Refine my abilities; hone my character; and help me choose wisely the areas of study that will make my life work successful. Keep me organized and free of distractions so I can focus on school. Show me how to listen more and then share freely when it will encourage others or make a difference to those who hear. Help me to honor You in my friendships at school and to be ready to lend a hand when others are struggling in their studies or in their lives. Help me sow seeds of kindness, excellence, and honesty. If my faith is challenged, give me courage to stand for You, no matter what the consequences.

I want to learn, Lord. I am eager to unwrap the gifts You have given me. With each new skill I acquire, help me to apply that learning to real life as well. Let knowledge, understanding, and common sense form a bond together with Your Word that will guard me against temptation. Keep the deceiver away from my heart as I choose to walk with You daily. Help me find moments in the flurry of school activities and crazy schedules to simply be still and know that You are God.Protect me from a prideful ego and let humility lead me in the path of success You have carved out for me. You have given me a unique place in Your kingdom, and I trust You to open doors that I cannot open myself. Help me not to turn to the left or right but to follow You daily. When anxious thoughts or fear of failure threaten to overtake me, I will rest in You and Your promise of success for my life. Only You know what that success really means, but when You are on my side, I cannot fail.

Lord, You have promised that if we will commit our work to You, You will make it succeed. So today, I dedicate every aspect of that work to You. I need Your wisdom daily to make the right choices, ones that require fairness, integrity, and a servant spirit. From the start of every work day, I want to begin and end with You, knowing that You will guide every step and every decision I make. Throughout the day, remind me that You are in charge, not me. May I do all things with excellence at work as if I am doing them for You, Lord.

I want Your goals to be my goals, and Your purposes, mine. Give me a learning spirit so I can constantly increase the skills You have given me to honor You and bring You glory. I know I am not to neglect those gifts You have placed within me, but that I am to watch myself closely to keep ambition in its right place and temptation at bay.

Keep reminding me that people are more important than work projects, and that You not only want me to succeed, but You desire for me to help make others successful. Whether it's my employer or a co-worker, help me see them as Your creations, worthy of respect and thoughtfulness. We all matter to You, God. If I am treated unfairly at work, may I still reflect You in every way and keep my eyes on You. I know Your idea of success and mine may differ, and that to You, godly character is more important than completion of my goals. Help me to work hard with patience and persistence, shunning laziness and embracing a thankful spirit for the employment You have given me.No matter who signs my paycheck, and no matter how high or how low the ladder I'm on right now, I look to You as my ultimate Employer. I know that viewing You as my Boss, will not necessarily increase my salary or change my work conditions, but it will change meand that You pay great benefits. Serving You will put a smile on my face, allow my best work to shine through, and will insure that success belongs to YouYour way and Your time. I pledge to do the best that I can with what You have given me, Lord. May Your plans become the desires of my heartand may my work always be a success for You.


Today we come to You in awe of the way You define success, the purpose You have planned for us, and the faith it takes to walk in that purpose.

Thank you for the blessings that abound in our lives. Help us to look at our lives through Your lens, without outside influence, in true appreciation for what You are doing in our small corner of the world, within the walls of our house, and with the gifts and talents that You have given us. We pray to be good stewards of our time, treasures and talents

Thank you for another day to fill our lungs with air and ponder the Truth of Your Word and Your love for us. Forgive us for taking that simple pleasure for granted. Adjust our perspective to align with Yours.

As we seek to be successful, guide us to Your definition over the push and pressure of what the world and our society deems it to be. Stir our hearts to sit in prayer and spend time with You each day before we walk out into the day. Arm our minds and guard our hearts with the Truth of Your Word. Help us to find our place to serve and reach out to others, whether in our careers, families, hobbies, or volunteer work.

Open our eyes that we may see success in the light of Your love. 1 Peter 4:8 commands to love above all else. We pray, today, for Your vision for our success. Help us to be astute to the call on our hearts and the stirrings in our souls. Motivate us to do the next instruction You give, or continue doing the last one we remember. Allow us to hear Your voice above all others.

Success is so often defined individually, but we were not put here on earth alone. Relationships are important. You have placed people in our lives for a reason.

Create a generous and peaceable heart in us that looks to You first when making decisions life. Let us not accumulate people for what they can do for us or discount relationships because they are not filling us up. Instead, may we look to you to fill the cup of our success in every area of our lives: monetarily, relationally, health-wise, and in stewardship of our daily schedules. Help us to look outward with a servant heart, instead of what we can get out of life.Bless us with hearts that have confidence in You, as Jeremiah 17:7 speaks of. Let us look to You for provision and relief of the frustration of comparison and failures. Regardless of where you have placed us in our communities, helps us to know, assuredly, that we are where we are for a reasonfor Your reason. That may mean monetary wealth and worldwide fame. It may mean that no one knows who we are outside of our small little town. The beauty of Your heart is that no one person is more important or less loved than the next.

Help us to define success in terms of Your love, for You are love and You love us. That is our purpose on this earth, to spread the love, joy, and hope that is made possible for all to abide in, through the selfless sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus, on the cross. Redefine success in our lives, Lord. Come like a flood.

In Jesus' Name,

God please work through me and equip me with everything I need to accomplish immeasurably more than all I ask or imagine. According to the dictionary, immeasurably means "to an extreme or extensive degree." God take my ideas to the extreme. Lord push the envelope of creativity when it comes to me. Help me exceed expectations in every area of my life through Your power alone. God with You, I am limitless and my creativity knows no boundaries -- let this be a constant reminder whenever the enemy tries to convince me other wise.

God thank You for being my creative director. Thank You for guiding me and leading me into the divine destiny you have in store for me. It's easy to think that I know it all, but I don't. I don't have all the answers, You do. More often than not, I won't know the "how" but I know the "who" and that is You. You are the one that will strengthen and qualify me. You are the one that will fill me with ideas and creativity that the world has yet to witness. You are the one that will give me the wisdom to carry out those ideas so that they will be manifested in Your name. Lord, even when it doesn't make sense to me, give me the confidence to trust that You know what You're doing. Lord, please do not let fear or anxiety push me to depend on my own understanding. Lord, not only are you my creative director but you are my creative consultant. Help me to consult You before I act and lean on Your direction alone.

God thank You for Your promises. I know that You work best with underdogs, people who are overlooked and are unqualified in the eyes of men, but in You have everything they need to be elevated. Lord, please use my weaknesses to elevate me and bring more glory to Your name. When people are looking down on me, doubting my ideas, and questioning Your call for my life, please do not let me join them in that discouragement. God, please encourage me to be confident in my weaknesses because I know that Your power, Your strength, and Your everlasting grace works best when I am weak. You use my weaknesses to emphasize Your greatness and if I claim to be Your vessel, I need to find power in what You will enable me to do through You. My weaknesses remind me that I can't do it alone, they draw me closer to You, and force me to depend on You more so I thank You for that. The more confident I am in my shortcomings the more I will gain power and strength through You. I thank You because the same weaknesses that people look down on me for are the same weaknesses You will use to raise me up high.

God please help me create what's next. Lord, please give me ideas that eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, and no mind has imagined. The root of creativity lives in You, You know where the gaps are. Please plant ideas in my heart and mind that will help me fill these gaps according to Your plan and purpose. Lord, I'm on this earth to be a vessel for Your glory and Your greatness. Do the impossible through me. Give me divine inspiration and instruction to carry out Your plans. Lord, I want to create ideas that are so ingenious that when accomplished the only person who will get the credit is You. Ultimately, I pray my ideas inspire people to get closer to You.