Prayer For Conversion To Catholicism

Lord Jesus Christ, Shepherd and Bishop of souls, we come to you in humility, requesting by Your most Sacred Heart that (name) will be converted to You, so that he/she is fully pleasing to You, full of good works for Your Kingdom. Precious Blood and Word of God, You are his/her only hope of eternal salvation. Be pleased to lift him/her from perdition, for You bought our freedom with Your blood. Beloved Deliverer, may Your Spirit draw him/her to You. Amen.

Most Holy Mother and Queen of the Rosary, by the merits of Jesus Christ, I pray that you will give (name) a living faith in the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church. May he/she see the darkness of the sins he/she has committed, repent and turn to Jesus, your Son, receiving the atonement paid for by the sacrifice of Jesus, and loving Jesus with all his/her heart. Thank you, blessed Mother, for your mercy and love now and forever. This we ask, Mother, in the name of your Son, Jesus. Amen.

In union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I salute and adore the Holy Wound of Your right hand, oh Jesus, and I place in this Wound all the priests of Your Holy Church. Give them, every time they celebrate the Holy Sacrifice, the fire of Your Divine Love, so that they may be able to communicate it to the souls entrusted to them. Glory be Amen.
I salute and adore the Holy Wound of Your left hand, and I place in it all those who are in error and all the unbelievers, those poor souls that do not know you. For the love of these souls, please send, Jesus, workers to your vineyard, so that they may find their way to Your Sacred Heart. Glory be Amen.
I salute and adore the Holy Wounds of Your feet, and place in them all the hardened sinners that choose to live in the world. I especially entrust to You those who will die today. Don't permit, Jesus, that Your Precious Blood be lost to them. Glory beAmen.
I salute and adore the Holy Wounds of Your Holy Head, and I place in these Holy Wounds the enemies of the Holy Church, those who are still striking you today and persecuting you in your Mystical Body. I beg you, Jesus, convert them and call them like you called Saul to make him St. Paul, so that soon there will be but one fold and one shepherd. Glory beAmen.
I salute and adore the Holy Wound of Your Sacred Heart, and place in it, Jesus, my soul and all those for whom you want me to pray, especially those who suffer, who are afflicted, all who are persecuted and abandoned. Give them, O Sacred Heart of Jesus, Your Light and Your Grace. Fill them with Your Love and Your true Peace. Glory be Amen.
Heavenly Father, I offer you through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your Beloved Son, and myself with Him, in Him, and through Him, with all His intentions and in the name of all creatures. Amen.

Heavenly Father,
Please shine Your light upon this family. May they travel
the path You have laid out for for their salvation. Forgive
this family of their sins. Guide them to the Sacred Heart
of Jesus, fountain of all mercies.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Who lives and reigns with
You and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.

Lord, I do desire to become holy. I desire to be transformed little by little every day. Help me to allow You to change me every moment of my life so that I can continually walk the path You have laid out for me. Jesus, I trust in You.

Oh glorious patriarc St. Joseph, who merited to be called "just' by the Holy Ghost, I urgently recommend to the soul of [Name], which Jesus redeemed at the price of his precious blood.

Thou knowest how deplorable is the state and how unhappy the life of those who have banished this loving savior from their hearts, and how greatly they are exposed to the danger of losing him eternally. Permit not, I beseech thee, that a soul so dear to me should continue any longer in its evil ways; preserve it from the danger that threatens it; touch the heart of the prodigal child and conduct him back to the bosom of the fondest of fathers. Abandon him not, I implore thee, till thou hast opened to him the gates of the heavenly city, where he will praise and bless thee throughout eternity for the happiness which he will owe to thy powerful intercession.

O Mary, Mother of mercy and Refuge of sinners, we beseech thee, be pleased to look with pitiful eyes upon poor heretics and schismatics. Thou who art the Seat of Wisdom, enlighten the minds that are miserably enfolded in the darkness of ignorance and sin, that they may clearly know that the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Roman Church is the one true Church of Jesus Christ, outside of which neither holiness nor salvation can be found.?Finish the work of their conversion by obtaining for them the grace to accept all the truths of our Holy Faith, and to submit themselves to the supreme Roman Pontiff, the?Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth; that so, being united with us in the sweet chains of divine charity, there may soon be only one fold under the same one shepherd; and may we all, O glorious Virgin, sing forever with exultation: Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, thou only hast destroyed all heresies in the whole world. Amen.

Lord Jesus Christ, most merciful Saviour of the world, we humbly beseech You, by Your most Sacred Heart, that all the sheep who stray out of Your fold may in one days be converted to You, the Shepherd and Bishop of their souls, who lives and reigns with God the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit, world without end.