Prayer For City

Father God, please protect our citizens in our community and those in the surrounding neighborhoods. I know that You have provided Your own rod of correction for our community through the local law enforcement agencies that You have sovereignly placed here and so protect us and so help us to protect our own neighborhoods too and to watch out for the interests of others (Phil 2:4). For those of us who have trusted in You O God, we know You are our protector and defender, and that ultimately I have no need to fear what anyone can do to me (Matt 10:28; Heb 13:6). Help me to depend on You in all circumstances and to know that nothing happens outside of Your divine will in my life because it's always in my best interests (Rom 8:28) and so thank You for giving us these men and women in authority for our protection for I know that they are those who wield the sword for the You (Rom 13) and so I ask You to bless them and protect them as well as my own family and friends and in Jesus' strong name I pray, amen.

Righteous Father, You know how we are all so connected by family, friendship, fellowship, and faith so we Christians should be united in praying for our local community and for those who have not yet trusted in Christ. It is for those who are separated from You God that we pray for, that You would open their minds to see their falling desperately short of Your glory (Rom 3:32) and that we all deserve only death but You offer all who would come to You eternal life, found only in Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12; Rom 6:23). Please help me and my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to not be afraid to speak up and tell others that dying outside of having faith in Christ will result in eternal punishment (Rev 20:12-15). We should care enough about people to warn them about God's wrath being on all who refuse to believe in Christ (John 3:36b) so put a tender heart for the lost in my chest. I ask all of these things for the glory of and in the name of the Great Son of God, Jesus Christ, amen.

Holy God, my Father, thank You for the many blessings that our local community has. I pray for those who are in the offices that govern this community and county and that they make wise and godly decisions which are always in the best interests of the community. I am glad that we have the freedom to speak up and vote for those who oppose our set of values. Even if I differ from these leaders, I pray for them to be blessed by You God and also those who are in law enforcement. Please protect them in their line of duty so that they might protect those of us who have placed our trust in them. God, please bless these men and women in city government, the mayor's office, the commission, and all elected officials and certainly those who put themselves in harm's way like law enforcement, firefighters, and EMS workers. I am so thankful we have all of these and in Jesus' precious name I pray, amen.

Father,God I pray that every city within our nation will learn to praise and worship before the victory. Declaring the praise of heaven upon the earth in there cities speaking forth the Word of God is the victory.

Praise in spite of circumstances or feelings Give praise and glory to God in the face of every obstacle Before we see the victory. Amen.