Prayer For A Peaceful Death Marianne Williamson

Dear God,

We pray for the spirit of Juliet, our beloved sister, wife, mother, and friend.

Take her into Your arms, dear God, and bring peace to her soul.

May her transition be sweet.

We see at this time all of the beloved people who mourn her.

And we watch as a glorious angel of God now ties the golden cord of eternal life at one end to Juliet's heart and at the other end to the heart of everyone who so receives her.

And now the angel places her hands on this cord, signaling the power of God, which blesses and sustains us, and holds firm our relationships through life and through death.

We receive into our hearts the truth of God's eternal life.

Through the glory of God and the mercy of God and the majesty of God, may love still live forever and forever.

Please uphold us through this sorrow and this loss, as we grieve and release this one we loved and shall so sorely miss.

Dearly beloved God,

Be our strength at this time, that we might yet see the truth of the world as You created it.

That there is no death, that Juliet still lives, and in You we sitll live with her.

Thank you so much.


No conventional therapy can release us from a deep and abiding psychic pain. Through prayer we find what we cannot find elsewhere: a peace that is not of this world.

Our prayer is not simply, Dear God, please send me a better job,' but, Dear God, enable me to see this situation differently, that this area of apparent lack might be healed inside my mind.

Angels are thoughts of God--to pray to an angel is to look to a level of pure thinking, divine thinking, and to ask that it replace our thoughts of fear.

Change is in the air, as old patterns fall away and new energies are emerging. Consciously release what needs to be released, and welcome with a full embrace the newness you've prayed for and so richly deserve.

Dear God,

Please take the soul and spirit of this dear departed one into the sweetest corner of Your mind, the most tender place in Your heart, that she, and I, might be comforted.

For now she has gone, and I pray, dear God, for the strength to remember she has not gone far.

For she is with You and shall remain so forever.

She remains within me, for we are all in You together.

The cord that binds us one to the other cannot be cut, surely not by death.

For you, dear God, have brought us together, and we remain in eternal connection.

There is no power greater than You.

Death is not Your master, nor mine.

These things I believe and ask my heart to register.

I surrender to You my grief.

I surrender to You my pain.

Please take care of Your servant, my dear one who has passed.

And please, dear Lord, take care of me.