Prayer For A Missing Child

Lord, I ask for your help in the safe return of all missing children. No matter how slim the chances are of finding them, with you, they will be found. You are the God of the impossible. Let the kidnappers be careless and leave traces of their evil works. Lead the police in the right direction during their search. Open the eyes of the police so they can see and follow your leads to rescue the helpless children. Keep the children safe until they return home. Amen.

Hello My Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus,

I am asking today that a special prayer go up for the missing children in Iowa.
There are two young girls that have gone missing. My heart is just sick for this family.
There was also a child rape in Davenport, Iowa of a 8 year old girl.
I pray for healing and protection for all children. The times that we live in are very evil. We must pray without ceasing. There is a call to the wailing women of TODAY!
Women and children are being murdered at alarming rates across this world.
Jesus Help Us!

Father and my Lord and Savior Jesus, please hear this plea. We need your protection and wisdom in this time of tribulation upon the land.
Women are crying for the loss of their children. Innocent children are being raped and murdered everywhere. From Africa to the United States of America, there is an abundance of violence against women and children. I know that you know this Lord. But, I come humbly to Thy throne of grace and mercy, begging Your help for us all.
Father, I am sickened by the acts of violence against the children of this world. The evil that lives in the hearts of many are wreaking havoc on families and nations.
Please Father, have mercy. I pray that this petition touches your ears Lord Jesus and your compassionate heart.
Convict the spirit of these people, before they act on the notion to hurt others. Convict them to confess and repent of the unrighteousness that lives in their hearts. Send your Holy Spirit to intervene that they may choose salvation over evil.
I ask this prayer in Jesus Holy Name. Amen!

Father, I also pray for those that are seeking your help on this website today. I pray for the broken marriages. I pray for the sick and afflicted. I pray that outreach prayer be lead in every city across the land. I pray that prayer vigils will begin all across this world for you coming Lord Jesus. Save us Jesus! Amen.

Mary our Mother, take pity on the families of missing children. As you lost the Child Jesus for three days, not knowing where He was, whether He was safe, whether He was alive, whether He was in pain or frightened or in need; you know what the parents are going through. Intercede on behalf of those who are begging for knowledge of their children's whereabouts. Ease their minds and bring them peace. Ask God to have mercy on them. Enable children to come home safely, and if this is not possible, petition for an end to their uncertainty and torment, for there is nothing worse than not knowing whether their children are alive or dead. We earnestly ask you to beg Your Son nonstop until this prayer is granted. He lovingly gave you to be the Mother of us all and He will listen to your pleas. We thank you, Blessed Mother, for listening to our prayer and trust in your merciful intercession. Amen.

As days, weeks and even months pass, attention to a missing child case often dwindles. Authorities may have closed the case, and friends may withdraw to give attention to their own needs and daily lives, leaving the parents of the child feeling abandoned. A brief prayer for support can help parents feel they are surrounded by love and understanding, even as people must return to everyday living concerns for example, "Most High, surround [name of parents] with your love. Let them feel your spirit of goodness."

When a child disappears, there may be turmoil and confusion regarding how the disappearance came about. There can also be a lot of disturbance to family life due to media attention or inquiries by police and others close to the event. In such a case, a prayer for peace is appropriate. The prayer need only be a simple plea: "Dear God, please grant your peace to the parents of [name of missing child] during this difficult time."

Father in Jesus name I come to you boldly and ask you to give me peace in my heart. I miss my child/children and I know that you feel our pain and that you have compassion on us. I know that you would never leave me without support. I ask for the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome my feelings of loss. Thank you that you are concerned with the smallest detail that concerns me. When I am lonely or discouraged I will think on things that are pure and good from your Word. Thank you that I am not alone and that you never leave me comfortless. When I feel that life is unfair, I will remember that you are more than enough.
In Jesus Name Amen.

Mighty God, we humble ourselves before you, asking for the safety of all missing children. Some are too young to understand what's going on and some are old enough. Lord, protect them all. Block the minds of the kidnappers so that they lose focus and release the children. Create confusion among them to allow the children to escape or to call for help. Work your perfect ways to bring back those precious children to their families. Our trust is in you. Amen.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for our children. They are gifts that are on loan to us from you. You entrust us to protect, provide, and educate them, but without you, we can't do anything. We pray for the children who are not with us today, for the children who are missing. Lord, cover them with the blood of your son, Jesus, so that they may not be harmed. Protect them from physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual harm. Deliver them back safely to their loved ones. Amen.