Prayer For A Friend In Need

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Lord, this verse has never been truer in my case. Deep down, I know Name, like me, or anybody else has his/her flaws. That's what makes us human and thus, why we need You. Lord of Hosts, I pray that You rekindle the flame between me and Name. We need You to help us keep this miracle, that we call friendship. Amen.

Name is one of my best friends, and today God, I pray for on behalf that You continue backing his/her progress. Oh Lord, without You, we're next to nothing, but through You, we have everything. Be with him/her, so everything he/she needs is provided at a moment's notice. I exalt Your Name and might Father, and in Jesus Name, Amen.

Father in Heaven, I kneel before You today to pray for miracles. Name has always had my back, so here I am, praying that you comfort him in his time of need. At this point, I know there's no exception to your grace and ability, which is why I pray that You grant him/her a speedy testimony.

Thank you for hearing my prayers Oh Lord, and In Christ's Name, I Pray, Amen

Our Loving and Merciful God,

Begging for Your mercy to heal my friend who is very ill and in pain for a long time.

Please Heavenly Father, we believe in you LORD that there is nothing impossible if we ask in Your most holy name and in Jesus Christ your most precious Son, grant us our prayers.


Dear Jesus,

Please heal my dear Friend of her terrible pain and suffering from various ailments and grant her good health and peace of mind. Also give her the grace to forgive and visit the sacrament of reconciliation.

Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayers

Lord, I have great concern for my friend. Come hold them, dry their tears, Send your Spirit into each facet of their lives, Their thoughts, their fears and their dreams. Keep them safe in this hard time. Might they know my love as I seek to be your hands and feet Jesus. Help me to gently watch over them, and lead them though the darkness into your glorious light. Amen

Father, thank you for the joy of friendship. For the security and intimacy of love. I pray for my friend that you would hold, keep, bless and envision them. May they feel your love through my actions, words and gifts. I ask that I would always be loyal, trustworthy and generous to them, For I treasure their companionship, their unique spirit and their relationship with me so much. Amen.

Dear God,

Please hear my urgent prayer for my very good friend who is in dire need at this time.

I have confidence that my pleas to You
are heard and that You answer my prayers.

You may not help my friend in exactly
the way I think help is needed, but please,
in Your divine wisdom, resolve the challenge facing my friend, and open the way to move forward with Your strong love and support.

Please send down a host of angels to protect, guide and give solace to my friend.

We all have happy days when we may forget You entirely, Lord, and dark days when we fall
on our knees to implore Your urgent help.

I earnestly beg You to help my friend
this dark day. Please send down the sunshine of Your Divine Grace and Assistance.

All this I pray with hope and love,