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Do you have some questions about the Catholic Church year, liturgy, prayer, or other topics we cover on this website? Well, this is the place to go for information! 

Advent FAQ

Is Advent Christmas?

What is Gaudete Sunday?

Christmas FAQ

Are Red and Green Christmas Colors?

Lent FAQ

What is Mardi Gras?

What is Shrove Tuesday?

Is Ash Wednesday a Holy Day of Obligation?

Can I Eat Animal Broth, Stock, Fats, or Gelatin During Lent Abstinence and Fast Days?

What is Laetare Sunday?

Holy Week FAQ

Did Jesus Die on Good Friday and Rise on Easter Sunday?

Easter FAQ

Is Easter Pagan?

All Saints and All Souls FAQ

Why Do Catholics Pray to Saints?

Miscellaneous FAQ

Got Married? Now What?

How Do We Say I love Jesus and Mean it?

What Does it Say About Sex in the Bible?

What Does the Bible Say?

What Does It Mean to Thank God?

Can the Christian Scriptures Be Called a Love Bible?