Prayer For Unity And Teamwork

Faithful Father, thank you for my job. Lord, your word says that in everything that we do, we should do it as unto you, not man. Today as I start my job, let me do it as unto you and not man. I cover my colleague and me with the blood of Jesus. Help us to be energized so that we may be able to tackle problems with grace. Lord, keep our minds clear from any manner of distractions and help us to be inspired to do excellent work for the glory of your holy name. In Jesus' name, we pray, Amen.

Jesus, my Savior, it is another beautiful day that you've enabled us to come to our place of work. I thank you for my colleagues and me. Jesus, help us to work as a team. Remove comparison and rivalry mentality from our hearts and help us to focus on the greater good, which is the growth of this company. Let this place be fun and help us to live in harmony with each other. In your all-powerful name, I pray, Amen.

Father, we come together to pray as one, that we may be as one, just as the Lord Jesus prayed that we who are His Body, may be one with Himself, in the same way that You and He are united together in love and purpose.

Father, we join our spirits together with Your Holy Spirit and pray that as Your Church, the world may recognise that we are united together in love, because we are one with You Who is perfect love, and Whom to know is life eternal.

Keep Your Church we pray, from discord, disunity and division, for a people that allow conflict or strife to fester, will surely fail and fall in their calling.

Keep us focussed on You, motivated by the same purpose and united together under the same banner of truth. And may we seek to preach the gospel to all people, in season and out of season, as we look to the Lord Jesus as our federal Head and singular Saviour.

Bind our hearts together in love we pray, so that unsaved men may see Jesus in us, and desire to know how they too may receive eternal life though Christ Jesus our Lord, to Whom be all praise and glory for ever and ever, and in Whose name we pray,


How we praise and thank You for the diversity of gifts and graces within the body of Christ and the beautiful variety and variance of the characters, personalities, peoples, interests and activities that are represented throughout the whole Church of God.

May brotherly love and godly gentleness be the precious garment with which we are all clothed, and may we be of one mind and united in spirit and humble in heart, having the same love, and working together with one intent, united in purpose.

May we focus our thoughts on what we all hold dear, and may we be united in the essential doctrine of Christ and yet demonstrate grace and liberty on those ideologies and dogmas that too often have caused splits in the Body, rather than encouraging brotherly love and gracious liberty.

May we put aside our personal agendas and any exclusive churchmanship maxims that may give rise to ungodly, unnecessary or schismatic arguments. And may our Lord Jesus Christ, Who shed His blood on the cross and rose again to give us life, be the one to Whom we all focus our gaze and in Whose name we pray,


Dear God, we pray for our churches, our workplaces, our schools, and our communities.

We ask for your help in being a light in every place you've given us to walk. Give us care and wisdom as we live and work with one another. Help us to look to another's needs before our own, and to always be ready to serve those around us by the power of your love within us. Even in every dark and broken place, for the times we feel like we're barely making it through, give us your joy Lord, your grace, and the powerful presence of your peace.

We pray for all those in authority, for every leader of our nation, that you would give them your wisdom and discernment as they lead. We pray that their hearts would be directed first to you, that they would recognize where their true help and strength come from. We ask that you guard their coming and going, that you would be their refuge and their peace. We pray that you would surround every leader with wise counsel, that they would be humble and kind, patient and loving through their actions and words. We pray that their faith in you would be unwavering, strong, resolute, and firm.

Give us a blessing so that our words and actions be one in unity,
and that we be able to listen to each other, in so doing,
we shall with good heart walk hand in hand to face the future.

In the presence of the outside, we are thankful for many blessings.
I make my prayer for all people, the children, the women and the men.
I pray that no harm will come to them,
and that on the great islandm there be no war,
that there be no ill feelings among us.
From this day on may we walk hand in hand.
So be it.

Most gracious lord, Master, messiah, and savior of humanity, we greet thee in all humility.
Thou art the first cause and the last effect, the divine light and the spirit of guidance, alpha and omega. Thy light is in all forms, Thy love in all beings... allow us to recognize thee in all thy holy names and forms, as Rama, as Krishna, as Shiva, as Buddha.
Let us know thee as Abraham, as Solomon, as Zarathustra, as Moses, as Jesus, as Mohammed...Let the star of the divine light, shining in thy heart be reflected in the hearts of thy devotees.
May the message of God reach far and wide, illuminating and making the whole of humanity as one single brotherhood in the fatherhood of God.

God grant us the patience to work together, bring us all together as a family. Let us work together with understanding and compassion in our hearts. Let us not be rude or arrogant towards one another, as we light the way to your heavenly kingdom.