Prayer For Tolerance

Lord, I can't move. I can't sit still or stand. I can't breathe. I think I'm dying. Everything's falling apart inside me and around me. I don't know what to do.

Please wrap your arms around me and don't ever let go. Slow my racing heart. Clear my spinning head. Calm my frantic lungs. I need Your patience to breathe through this moment and make it to the next. Thank you for being a God of the moment, a God who cares, a God able to guard my heart and mind.

Lord, it's horrible to admit, but some days my kids feel like the opposite of a reward. If iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another (Proverbs 27:17), today's the day I might just be whittled away. Right now, I'm hiding in the bathroom, trying and failing to reign in my overwhelming frustration.

Fill me with everlasting patience and drown my anger with your peace. Help me parent my kids the way you parent mewith kindness and love. Thank you for giving them to me.

Lord, I miss the way we used to be. It's my fault, I know. I haven't had the patience to rest at your feet and meditate on your Word. I've been too impatient to wait on your will. I've gotten used to making things happen right now instead of waiting on you to guide my steps.

Bring me back to those days when I hungered for your plans. Give me the patience to linger in your presence. Pause my racing thoughts and self-imposed time limits. Thank you for being the only one who can truly take away my urge to do life by myself. Thank you for showing me that putting you first is what's best for me.

Lord, some of Your people are hard to love. They can be moody, mean, difficult, and impossible to understand. They blame me for things I didn't do and have expectations I can't meet. Sometimes I wish You hadn't put them in my life.

I need You to show me how much You love them. Reveal what You see under the surface, where they're hurting, and tell me how to make a difference. Thank you for giving me your patience to be kind and compassionate when I don't have my own and for loving me when I'm the one who's difficult in someone else's life.

Lord, I don't feel humble, gentle, or patient today when it comes to my spouse. It's not just the big thingsalthough they never seem to go awayit's also the little things that pile up and chisel at my smile. Sometimes it's hard to remember the days when the relationship was easy and fun.

Walk between us today. Speak peace into our hearts. Give us an infinite amount of patience when it comes to understanding each other. Draw us back to the days when being together didn't feel so hard. Thank you that there are three people in this relationship, not two. Thank you for cheering on my marriage, not from the sidelines, but from the middle of the field.

Dear Heavenly Father through Christ Jesus we ask for a greater tolerance for our pain and suffering. Amen.

Father God, I pray for Peace in our home, at work, and in the world. Lord turn intolerance into love and acceptance. we are one people striving against each other, willing to destroy each other for temporary meaningless riches that we cannot take it with us when we depart this temporary existence. Heal us, Lord! Deliver us, Lord! Amen!

Dear Heavenly Father,
You created us.
All of us
You sent your beloved Son to redeem us.
All of us
You sent the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, to us.
To comfort all of us.
Please fill our hearts with love, so that there is no room for hate.
Fill our minds with understanding, so that there is no room for fear.
Fill our eyes with wonder so that we may see only uniqueness, and not strangeness.
So that we may love, understand and enjoy our fellow brothers and sisters to your glory.
All this we ask in the name of our heavenly Brother, Jesus Christ our Lord.