Prayer For The Poor And Hungry

O God, our Creator, through our elected leaders and our government, you sustain all you have made. We pray especially for people who are seeking election to political offices in our country. Grant them integrity and wisdom to focus on matters that strengthen our government and provide help and opportunity to people in need. Give us courage to challenge candidates to address issues of hunger and poverty. As we prepare to cast our votes, may we be guided by vision of love, justice and mercy. In the name of Christ, we pray. Amen.

O God, you entrusted to us the fruits of all creation so that we might care for the earth and be nourished with its bounty.

You sent us your Son to share our very flesh and blood and to teach us your Law of Love. Through His death and resurrection, we have been formed into one human family.

Jesus showed great concern for those who had no food even transforming five loaves and two fish into a banquet that served five thousand and many more.

We come before you, O God, conscious of our faults and failures, but full of hope to share food with all members in this global family.

Through your wisdom, inspire leaders of government and of business, as well as all the world's citizens, to find just, and charitable solutions to end hunger by assuring that all people enjoy the right to food.

Thus we pray, O God, that when we present ourselves for divine judgment, we can proclaim ourselves as One Human Family with Food for All.

Heavenly Father, we pray for an end to world hunger. When we give thanks for our own daily food, we include all who are hungry at home and abroad and not take for granted how blessed we really are.

Most gracious God,
who gives the fruits of the earth
for the benefit of all your creatures,
we give thanks to you for abundant harvests
and plentiful production on this earth.
We pray for those in our land who are denied these gifts,
and seek your forgiveness for our complicity in their want.
We pray for those whose voices are not heard and for those who do not hear.
Forgive us when our choices are selfish ones,
and forgive us especially when we do not choose
to raise our own voice against the pain of our brothers and sisters who suffer needless want.
Most of all, O God, we give you thanks for the revelation of your love in Jesus Christ, who came that everyone might have abundant life.


Bread of life, bread of Heaven.
Give us this day, our daily bread.
Feed those, who are hungry.

O Creator of all living things:
We are all hungry in a world full of abundance.
The possibilities of food for bodies and souls overflow in this
beautiful world.
We ask for the grace to see the abundance of our world and
enough awareness to acknowledge our sins of greed and fear.

Give us openness of soul and courageous, willing hearts
to be with our sisters and brothers who are hungry and in pain.

We ask for your intercession on behalf of every person hungry
for earthly food and hungry for the taste of the Spirit of God.
We give thanks that we can be part of that intercession.

This world is blessed with enough food of the earth
for every person to eat and be satisfied.
We all can feed on the bread of Christ, through the Holy Spirit,
as God makes a home in our hearts.

We come together in awe and wonder
at the Creator who loves us so much
that we are invited and urged to be co-creators with God
in the care of our brothers and sisters.

In the name of the tender Mother-Father of all people who
hears every cry, Amen.

Sharing the loaves and fishes,
You gave us an image of solidarity with the hungry, O Lord.
Sharing yourself in the bread and wine,
You called all to the table, O Lord.
Give me the hunger to be a part of the feeding
And the healing of this world.
Nourish me with your Grace,
So I may work with joy to serve your children.
Open my eyes and my heart
To recognize those in poverty
And increase my awareness
Of the structures and systems
That need to be changed
So we may all break bread together.
In your name we pray for the end of hunger.