Prayer For The Broken Heart To Heal

My Creator and Redeemer, my heart has suffered and is broken by the tribulations I have faced. But, I entrust my soul to You; my faithful Creator. Lord, You are the only one who can fix the issues that I have within me and I pray that You do. I pray that You touch every part of my mind and soul so that this pain that I feel becomes an unfamiliar feeling. I want to know peace and comfort more than the things that grip me right now such as brokenness, depression and anxiety. Lord I need You. Amen.

Dear Savior, we have been declared as righteous by faith, and because of this we have peace with You through our Lord Jesus Christ. Lord peace is already ours, but we have not taken it. Instead we have become broken-hearted. But today Lord, we choose to attain Your peace. We thank You for allowing us to obtain access to Your peace by faith into the grace in which we stand. Oh we rejoice in hope of Your glory! Your Word is the hope that we need and the healing that we desire, in Jesus's Name. Amen.

Heavenly Father, I come to You right now because I am weary and burdened but I know that You will give me rest. Lord I will take Your yoke upon me and learn from You, for You are humble and gentle in heart and I will find rest for my soul in You. Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light, so Father lighten my load, ease my broken heart and fill me with Your love and peace. My heart is broken but I know that You can mend it. Have Your divine way in me, this I pray. Amen.

Oh Lord, my God, You alone know what I am going through. Lord, I am so anxious that I cannot seem to relax. At this point I feel awfully restless, agitated and weak, burdened by the troubles that stir in my mind.

I cannot sleep. I hardly eat and I am constantly on edge. My heart is extremely heavy. My body is totally exhausted. And I feel as though I cannot go on.

I am not going to fight Your hands, for they are the ones that hold me at my weakest. My God, I will be still as You work this situation out for me. I await You patiently.

I trust You, You will heal me, Majestic King and my suffering WILL end today. Help me to FULLY experience Your love and Holy PRESENCE as You make all things work together for my good. In Jesus' Holy name, Amen!

I will not give up but I will surrender my all to You. Oh Jesus, be the center. Help me to turn these negative effects into positive change. Help me to use it to become stronger, to thrive to be victorious.

Oh, the pain may endure this moment, but surely joy rises with You in the morning. Oh my Healer, fit back the pieces of this broken heart together. I need You, Lord, right now.

I feel so weak, tired and drained. This battle in my mind torments me. Give me strength, give me courage, be my Comforter for I still have hope.

I cling to You and You alone, my Saviour, my Friend. Guide me, ease this pain, mend this broken heart of mine. Transform me, make me whole and brand new.

Heavenly Father, there is a pain implanted in my heart that doesn't seem to go away. It has crushed me, it aches, I can no longer bear it. This pain of the past consumes my thoughts daily. It hurts so much, Father, these tears that fall long to see joy once again. Give me peace in my heart, please, I'm crying out to You: hear my prayer.