Prayer For Swimmers

Dearest God,

Our much awaited swimming competition is up and we need you to be there for us. We believe in you. We trust you. We love you. We ask for your awakening presence in us that we may be strengthened ultimately. Grant us enough courage to face the challenges we will undergo. Grant us wisdom to remember everything our Coach Vivian taught us. Grant us endurance, power and will to push all our might under water. Enlighten and empower our mind, body, soul and heart. Help us to be confident and help us to never give up. Help us to win not for the gold but for the best time we have ever achieved. God, whisper in our ear that the competition is all about us. Save us from any doubts, fears and insecurities. When we swim be alive within us and smile through us, letting us feel that you're proud of us. Make us the champion we are, in your eyes and in the presence of everyone who have supported us all the way especially our family and our most beloved Coach Vivian. God, we know deep down we CAN do this for we know you believe, trust and love us in return. We only need you to watch us soar in the sky on that time of our competition because what we do is all in honor of you. Lastly, thank you, thank you very much for granting us this talent and this opportunity to be able to compete and show everyone what we got. Again, we love you and thank you.


Dear God, another swimming meet
Is scheduled for today
I'm going to be quite busy
So I won't have long to pray

Bless my Mom, Dad, and Coach
And keep us close to you
Let the friends I make today
Be loyal, good, and true

Please help me not forget you God
Each time I take the blocks
I sometimes get distracted by
The noise and all the clocks

Let my starts and turns be quick
My arms and legs be sure
And help my strokes be smooth and strong
To help me to endure

Help me find the confidence
I've struggled for so much
So I can find the shortest way
From start to final touch

And when the droll computer
Writes my times across its face
Please let me not think win or lose
But how I swam the race

I dive off the block
my head in a rush
the cold water brings me a shock.

Kicking my feet as fast as I can
I can't slow down
number one is my plan.

Faster and faster
there's no stopping now
second place would be a disaster.

Reaching the wall; one more lap
i flipturn now
my feet hit the wall with such a slap.

I'm almost there
in my own little world
I say my last prayer.

My fingers touch the wall
the time is stopped
I know i gave it my all.

Pulling myself out of the water
I hear my dad yell
That is my daughter.

The world stopped as I look at my time.
Yes first place!
Victory is mine.

But swimming is not medals and win
its the passion in me
the rush against my skin
the very reason why I swim.