Prayer For Protection Through The Blood Of Jesus

Jesus, I plead Your Blood over my body,
mind, soul, and spirit; my past healings; my conscious and my
sub-conscious; my family, friends, and possessions; my intellect
and my will; my feelings, thoughts, and emotions; my words and
actions; my vocation, (marriage), relationships, and sexuality.
Protect with Your Precious Blood my work, finances, ministries,
all other activities--all that I am and all that I do. (Add any
specifics you want.) Lord, I dedicate all of these things to You,
and I acknowledge You as Lord and Master of all. Amen

I thank you Jesus for touching my Heart, my Soul and my Spirit. Blood of Jesus save me, heal me, protect me and make me a good person. Forgive my sins and help to forgive others and remove the memories of my past sins. Lord Jesus give me total deliverance from all the bondages. I thank you Jesus, I Praise you Jesus. Amen

Oh precious blood of Jesus be my protection against all calamities, and plagues I beleive and praise you, glorify and adore Thank you for answering my prayers! Please never leave me Jesus. Amen

Please protect me, Jesus,I don't know if I made a mistake. Please bless me with your sacred blood and cleanse my soul for all I want is to be with you in heaven. I love you sweet Jesus and I adore you, please protect my family and keep them safe from harm I love you, sweet Jesus. Amen

Dear Precious Blood of Jesus. Their are so many situations in my life, I am praying for all of them to be cleared up. I have made many mistakes that I now feel remorse for as they have caused me great pain, and only today I went to spend sometime in front the Blessed Sacrament, but any time I do so, it seems as though the enemy fires up in different forms. Today was one such day, as my partner and I had a huge argument, and so much information was dug up on me that it caused quite a bit of disharmony between us. Of course quite a bit of it was erroneous, but nonetheless it has caused quite a bit of friction. I ask that the Precious Blood of Jesus smooth over these situations in my life and that, that Blood that is healing , victory and power do a work in me, changing my life for the better, and healing my relationship with my loved one in this season of Advent, as we await the birth of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen

Lord lift my soul from this depression that is slowly killing me, I don't want to leave the house, bathe, eat or sleep, all I do is cry and pray. I pray that through the blood of Jesus I will be set free and I will experience peace, and acceptance of His Holy WIll. that is all I ask in Jesus Name, amen

The Holy Spirit and Prayer for Protection through The Precious Blood of Jesus is a very powerful prayer. This prayer has brought my family back together again and now even thou we are still going thru difficulties, Jesus has given us peace. Amen

Please heal me Jesus help me to walk again and eat normally again
Watch over my family and cover us with your precious blood. Amen