Prayer For Parnassa

May it be Your will, Ado-nai my God and the God of my ancestors,
that You prepare for me and for the members of my household all that we may lack,
and make ready all our needs,
every single day of our lives,
according to our needs
every single hour of our hours an adequate supply;
and for every bone of our bones sufficient nourishment,
in accordance with Your Good and Generous Hand,
not according to the limits of our own accomplishments,
or the shortness of our own hessed/lovingkindness,
or the reduction of our own generosity and munificence.
May my nourishment and the nourishment of my household,
of my offspring and the children of my offspring,
be committed to Your Hand, and not subject to mortal hands.

It is You alone, Ado-nai
You, who made the heavens, the most exalted heavens,
the earth and everything that is upon it,
the seas and all that is in them,
and You give them all life. (Nehemiah 9:6)
It is You who performed miracles and great wonders, continually, for our ancestors.
And in the wilderness You showered them with food from heaven (Exodus 16:4),
from the flinty rock You drew out water for them (Deuteronomy 8:15),
You provided them all their needs, their clothing not wearing out (Deut. 8:4).
So, dear God, in Your abundant mercy and great hessed/lovingkindness,
nourish us, sustain us, and support us;
Supply all our needs and the great needs of all Your people, the House of Israel,
and those of all our society and humankind,
with fullness and relief, without travail or overwhelming labor,
out of Your Pure Hand, and not from under mortal hands.

Happy are they who dwell in Your house;
they will always praise You, selah! (Psalm 84:5)
Happy the people who have it this way;
Happy the people whose God is Adonai!** (Psalm 144:15)

You open Your hand
Your favor sustains every living thing.
Adonai is righteous/just in all ways,
Loving-kind in all His/Her deeds.

May it be Your will,
Ado-nai our God and God of our ancestors,
To renew our lives in the coming month, for Good and Blessing.
Give us a long life,
A life of peace,
A life of goodness, a life of blessing,
A life of sustenance, a life of physical vitality,
A life of reverence of Heaven and avoidance of misdeeds,
A life free of shame and reproach,
A life of abundance and honor,
A life guided by the love of Torah and reverence of Heaven,
A life in which our worthy aspirations will be fulfilled for the Good,
Amen Selah.

Behold, I am going to take care of my business dealings, and I am placing my faith in G-d that He will give me the strength to succeed in my livelihood, for me and the members of my household, in an honorable manner; and to give charity and do acts of kindness; in order that I will be able to perform all the commandments of my Creator, in an appropriate manner. Help us O G-d of our salvation, for the glory of Your Name. Do not pay heed to our wickedness. Do for us acts of justice and kindness, for the sake of Your great Name. May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable before You, O L-rd my Rock and Redeemer.

Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you. (3) You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of all living things. The Lord is King forever and ever. May it be your will, Lord my God, and God of my fathers, that you send great blessing and success in all the doings of my hands, for I have trusted in you to feed and sustain myself and my household, with ease and not with difficulty, for life and peace. Amen. May it be Your will.

Master of the World, in your holy words it is written, And one who trusts in God, kindness will encompass him: And you give life to all. You Lord, God of truth, give us blessing and success in all we endeavor with our hands to do and all our efforts, that we may provide for ourselves and all the members of our household, with ease and not with difficulty, in a permitted way and not a forbidden one, broadly and not narrowly, from the overflowing blessing and success from the overflowing of the blessings on high, from your hand and not by the hand of flesh and blood. Amen