Prayer For Parents Of A Special Needs Child

Lord, you have made the eye for your purposes. With wisdom you beautifully knit each one. May my child guard their eyes well. I pray they'll grab wisdom, allowing it to filter what they choose to see and not see. May understanding lead their focus, causing them to turn from situations formatted by darkness. May they, instead, allow the light of your Word to filter their sight concerning friends, dates, movies, educational content, and any situation in which their eyes are involved. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

God, we lift up all of our children's evaluations to You. Help us see the good amongst the
challenging, and help us choose joy through it all because we are Yours, and You are good.
Thank You for creating us uniquely, beautifully, and lovingly. Amen.

Dear Lord,

My heart is so tender before you.
At times, the challenges can feel so heavy,
the constant care can be emotionally exhausting and lonely.
Help me to see [name's] limitations as limitless opportunities
for me to find strength and courage in you.
Help [name's] disability to become my ability
to serve you in such a profound way.
Help me to see through your eyes
the incredible blessing
that you have created [name] to be.

Lord, in Your mercy, You have afforded some children with disabilities an opportunity to receive the remedial classes and other services through World Vision programs around the world. Change leaders' hearts and laws so they will seek ways to provide learning opportunities for children with disabilities whose families can't afford school fees or do not have access to a school nearby. Amen

Lord, thank You for creating every child. Please equip World Vision staff, community leaders, families, and Your followers as they support children with disabilities, and encourage them. May they experience Your deep love every day.

Lord of all, we lift up parents and caregivers of children with disabilities. Refresh them. Give them strength to press on each day. For families living in poverty, lead them to economic opportunities to provide each member with the resources to survive and thrive

Heavenly Father, help me to change my negative words and intentionally transform them into ones that bring life no matter what challenges are placed before me. Words of faith, strength, courage, success confidence, trust, peace, happiness and joy are just some of the positive attributes I want to reign in on my life. Guide me to recognize the power of my words, that they might give glory to You, and also give me strength. In Your name, I pray. Amen.

Dear Heavenly Father:

Before the world could ever know, You created my precious child and crafted a beautiful blueprint for her life. Having special needs and even disabilities provides a different kind of normal for our family, but we are determined to praise you in the storm. While I'm so blessed to be the mama, we have our good days and our bad. Yet you guide us through each one, providing mercy and grace in exact measure. Now we come before you, simply asking that you measure out for us exactly what we need once more. That you who calms storms with your voice would calm the storms of our hearts with your presence. Amen.