Prayer For Our Pastors

Father, for saving these men. Thank you for calling them out from a life apart from you and to a life of loving you through your Son, Jesus. May they know and appreciate your great grace and mercy. May they show that same grace and mercy as they shepherd. Keep them far from sin today. Protect them from the enemy's attacks and strategies. Amen

Father, allow our pastors to glory only in the cross (Gal. 6:14). Keep our pastors from pride and pity. Let the cross be their reason for ministry.

Lord, by Your Holy Spirit, anoint Pastor's to preach, and bring apostolic results (Acts 2:37). Let all leadership in every department in the church flow in line with that anointing, As our pastor's speak the Word, let signs and wonders follow confirming it (Mk. 16:20). Let the sick be healed; let the oppressed be set free. Anoint them with the truth (Mt. 16:17). Let people be cut to the heart and accept Jesus Christ.

Lord, as You have promised, grant our beloved shepherd's lasting fruit (Mal. 3:11, Jn. 15:16). Let our pastor's converts become disciples who in tum disciple. Bless our pastors with disciples who grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Lord reveal your heart to your people. Raise pastors after your own heart. We come against the spirit of arrogance and self-centred aspiration. Father remove the spirit of greed that is eating at the heart of our churches today. May our churches be known for being your hand in our communities.
We pray that you would pull down those who have strayed away from your will, and seeking to profit off the gospel. Amen

Father, we thank you for the families of church leaders. We thank you for the sacrifices that they also have to make. There is a cost to them as well, as their loved ones serve. Bless them oh Lord!
We pray for leaders who have sown seed but are yet to see fruit. Give them the wisdom to know to wait for you. Amen

Father, please give my pastor your wisdom. Help him know the way to go even when the way is not clear. Give him discernment to know good from evil, even when evil is dressed as good. Help him apply your word to even the most confusing situations.

Father, please give my pastor a supernaturally healthy marriage. Strengthen the bonds between him and his wife. Encourage them both in ministry. Give both of them wisdom to manage their family and to keep you at the center, not ministry. I also pray for their children that you would let them know you and follow you.