Prayer For Moving Forward

Father God, we decree in the war room for our nation that he who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide in your shadow. We declare that You, Lord, are our refuge and fortress.

We decree over the United States, that we come into agreement with the words, In God We Trust.' We pray for a return, to be a people and generation that will trust You. You are our nation's shepherd. We do not trust money or man's power, but the power of our Almighty God.

We decree that we shall be delivered from the perilous pestilence of the coronavirus and the pandemic of fear that is covering our nation.

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, let it be recorded in the heavenly courts that I will not let my mind, will, and emotions come into agreement with fear, but that I will choose faith. In Yeshua's Mighty Name... Amen.

Father God, the heart of our nation is far from You. We repent on behalf of the United States of America. As members of Your Kingdom, let it be recorded in the Court of Mercy today that we acknowledge and repent of our sin and our iniquitous structures. We have not honored You.

Your Word says that fearing You is the beginning of wisdom. Our choices as a nation have been far from wise. Father God, we have not only dishonored You but have also been selfish and greedy in our dealings with others.

We ask You with heartfelt repentance, to forgive us, Father. The United States has sinned against You and has worshipped mammon.

In Yeshua's Mighty Name Amen.

Father God, we thank You for the assembly of Your saints. Father, we join the call to repentant and turn our nation back to You. Lord, we hear You, and we seek You as we ask for forgiveness from not awakening to Your presence and Your call.

Father, we know that You did not cause this, but that You did allow it. We acknowledge the sovereignty that You have over us as the Lord God AlmightyEl Shaddai. Let it be decreed in the Courts of Heaven that there is none like You.

Father God, we invite those who are reading this today, Covenant Partners, and prayer warriors alike, to keep praying with us on behalf of this great nation.

Lord, we are in an Isaiah 59 condition in our nation. We repent of this separation from You. Lord, bring us into collective agreement and repentance of what You are speaking to the Church during this hour.

In Yeshua's Mighty Name Amen.

Lord, thank You for being You and for Your willingness to be here with me during this time. It's been difficult lately with this break up. You know that. You've been here watching me and watching us together. I know in my heart that if it was meant to be it would have happened, but that thought doesn't always mesh with how I feel. I'm angry. I'm sad. I'm disappointed.

You are the one I know I can turn to for comfort, Lord. Provide me with reassurance that this was the right thing for me in my life, as it is right now. Lord, show me that there are so many great things in my future, and offer me solace in the thought that You have plans for me and that one day I will find the person that fits with those plans. Assure me that You have my best intentions in mind, and while I don't know what all of those intentions are, this wasn't a part of them. That one day you'll reveal someone new that will make my heart sing. Allow me the time to get to that point of acceptance.

Lord, I just ask for Your continued love and guidance during this difficult time, and I pray for the patience of others as I work through my feelings. Every time I think of the happy times, it hurts. When I think of the sad times, well, that hurts, too. Help those around me understand that I need this time to heal and work through that pain. Help me understand that this, too, shall pass for me. That one day the pain will become less, and remind me that You'll be there right with me the whole time. Though I may have difficulty letting go, I pray that You surround me with people that help me through and lift me up in prayer, in love, and in support.

Thank You, Lord, for being more than just my God in this moment. Thank You for being my Father. My friend. My confidante, and my support. In your Name, Amen

Dear Lord, I thank you for a new day like this, I thank you for the gift of life, and also for the true love you are showing and nothing can stop you from loving me.

Lord, help me to forgive those that will trespass against me today. Teach me to stand strong in you and let my ways be aligned with yours and let me not deviate from it. Guide me through temptation, do not let me fall into temptation.

I don't want to be stagnant Lord, order my steps and help me to move forward and never be stopped. Moving forward in God scriptures say that only righteous keep moving forward. Lord, break any barrier that is hindering my advancement and let me experience a great advancement. Lord I want to move forward in you. Amen.

Spirit of Life and love, God of many names and yet none at all
Our hearts are stretched thin. We see and hear the devaluing of people of color, of those with disabilities, of women, of immigrants; this list, incomplete as it is, is exhausting.

And yet, we hold fast because we carry hope in our hearts: hope that together we can dismantle systems of oppression; hope that the collective of American humanity will look at one another and say this has got to change.

However thin our resilience may be wearing, we do not give up or give in.
We look around and see our friends and neighbors carrying signs,
moving and marching together, because we must not give up.

We join thousands of people in the streets.
We move for justice
We live for peace
We will not rest until we are heard.
We will not rest until equity is made more real, all around us.

And spirit of life, we look within our own hearts, to the burning coal that is at the center of our being, the place where our hope for the world lives, the place where our faith in humanity resides and there we find the strength and courage to continue moving forward however muddy and rough the path may be.

Gracious Heavenly Father, You alone sustains me, I praise You and I worship You in Truth and in Spirit. Thank you for the continuous grace and mercy You are giving me each day. I am not worthy of these but because of Your abundant love, I am blessed.

Lord, with all the wickedness all around me, You hold me by my right hand and never let me go. Your word is so true Abba-Father Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Deuteronomy 31:6. Thank you LORD, thank you. I will keep moving forward, doing Your will, following Your precepts. And even if I fall or fail, I will stand up again and continue to follow You, with Jesus Christ as my strength who alone is my King and Refuge nothing is impossible. Use me for Your glory dear GOD. I ask in the Mighty and Powerful Name of the LORD Jesus Christ. Amen

All the hurt, all the pain and all the suffering: I release it! Every grudge, the uneasy thoughts and all the negativity, I rebuke it!

All the fear, all the doubt and lack of faith, I curse it out! Every chain that binds me to my past shall be broken and I am set free. In Jesus' Holy name I pray, Amen!