Prayer For Morning Worship

Lord, may nothing separate me from You today. Teach me how to choose only Your way today so each step will lead me closer to You. Help me walk by the Word and not my feelings. Help me to keep my heart pure and undivided. Protect me from my own careless thoughts, words, and actions. And keep me from being distracted by MY wants, MY desires, MY thoughts on how things should be. Help me to embrace what comes my way as an opportunity... rather than a personal inconvenience. And finally, help me to rest in the truth of Psalm 86:13, 'Great is your love toward me.' You already see the ways I will fall short and mess up. But right now, I consciously tuck Your whisper of absolute love for me into the deepest part of my heart. I recognize Your love for me is not based on my performance. You love me warts and all. That's amazing. But what's most amazing is that the Savior of the world would desire a few minutes with me this morning. Lord, help me to forever remember what a gift it is to sit with You like this. Amen.

I praise and worship You,my dear Lord Jesus Christ,for bless me everyday,for loving me and providing everything I need.Amen.
There is none like You,Lord,You are awesome in every way.
I thank You to give me the strength and comfort me with Your love.
I pray this day bring a smile not just in my lips but in my heart.Amen.
This beautiful morning make me fall in love with life,not just once but again and again.
I thank You Lord,for You created this morning for me to see the beauty of life and to know there are people who care and pray for me to be happy,healthy and strong.
Thank You Lord,for make this day a meaningful and a beautiful sunrise.
In Jesus mighty name I pray.
Amen.and Amen..

Dear God & heavenly father i bow before you this morning giving you thanks & PRAISE for waking me up this morning father lord you knows all my pains in the night father & i leave it all to you father my life is in your hands please take full control please there's are none before you or greater than you lord please CONTINUE to PROVIDES for me & my family lord giving me strength faith & courage lord in JESUS precious name i come before you please dont leave me or FORSAKE me Amen

Thank you for a new day Lord Jesus as I bask in your glory, I pray for Peace, Love, Joy, Health, Happiness, Obedience, forgiveness. Wisdom prosperity, I cast all the old out into the sea
I am a child of God Abba Father, I give my life to you
Amen & Amen

Dear Heavenly Father, i want to thank you for letting me see another day on this earth. Father God i prayed for peace, love, happiness, freedom of self control, strength, prosperity, wisdom, guidance. Father God i prayed for the pain in my knee and legs to be heal. Father God i prayed you help me to become a better person and be more like you everyday. Father God i am thankful for all the things you have done for me. Father God surround with good heart god fearing people who will encourage me and build. Remove anybody out my life who doesn't mean me any kind of good. Help me Father God to manifest for 2020. Help Father God show me my will my path your direction on my life. Father God i surrender myself over to you. Father God you are my everything. Father God i rebuke the devil out of my life trying to put negative thoughts, deppression, anxiety and fear in my life. Father God i pray that i get over the pain and hurt from family not being there for me and my dad not being in my life. Father God i need you in my life.

I stand in your presence today Lord Allowing you to saturate my soul.
All Glory be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Who died on the cross and shed his blood and 39 stripes for me he arose yes he did
And I'm am saved
Praise him
Thank you Jesus
Thy will be done
Amen & Amen

Dear God,
I thank You,Lord Jesus Christ,for this blessed morning.
I praise You,I give You honor and glory.I worship You.Amen.
Today,I will put my trust and belief in God's Word,because I know His words is Truth,that guides my life.Amen.
I will put God's Word guide my everyday life and put God first in my morning.
I will do the best to please You,Lord Jesus.Amen.
I declare that today,
My Relationship with God is my number one focus.
I thank You Lord,for molding me into who I am today,and continue to mold me and guide me as I become more of the person You created me to be.
In Jesus mighty name I pray.
Amen and Amen.

Father God , I honor You, with all that is within me. I give all glory and honor to you. I surrender my life to Your will.

Thank you for blessing me with life this morning. Thank you for all that you have blessed me with.

You are my God! I need You! I trust You Lord Jesus and know that I am safe in your arms. Thank You JESUS! Amen and Amen!