Prayer For Morning Service

Lord of heaven, we thank you for the blessings of life and health. Thank you for allowing us to have the opportunity to be in your presence again today. We come together with the unity of our faith and ask that everything we bind, be bound in heaven. Allow everything we loose, be loosed in heaven. Together, we will combat the evil that gathers and ask that evildoers be confounded. May their plans always come to naught. Bless us so that we may leave here today with your spiritual blessings. Allow us to glorify your name through Jesus' name. Amen.

Heavenly Lord, your name is glorious and wonderful. Everyone on earth and heaven sing about your wondrous works. You are the king of all, and we worship you, our Lord. We gather in your presence in the unity of our faith to ask that you bless us. Without your power and grace, we can do nothing. We pray that your glory continues to fill and radiate within our lives so that we can be your ambassadors to the world. Let none of us leave here today empty-handed. Go with us into the world as we serve you.

Father in heaven, king of glory, we adore your name and work to glorify you forever. It is through your will that we are alive and healthy today. Your Grace has allowed us to converge together. You have promised that whenever we call on your name, you will hear and answer us. Come into our midst, God, and have fellowship with us. Make your blessings abundant and grace us with your presence. From the start of this meeting to the end, glorify yourself and accept our prayers.

Heavenly father, our provider, our maker and our protector. Through your goodness, we are alive and healthy enough to gather and worship you. We praise you for all that you have given us and thank you in Jesus' name. Holy Lord, we commit all of our good deeds to you and ask that everything we do be done for your glory forever and ever.

Oh Holy Lord, you are worthy of all of our praises. You reign in majesty above us and are our Lord forever. We thank you for allowing us to be graced by your presence today, hallowed be your name. Accept our love and adoration in Jesus' name. We are here to pray, almighty God that you will always light our way with your presence. We resist evil and pray that your light will always shine on us. May all people see your glory through us and come to worship you as the living God.

Father, we come before You in Jesus' name with shouts of joy, we worship You with gladness that fills our hearts and with songs of joy before the Lord. Father, we declare today that the Lord is God and that we are Yours; we give You praise because we know that we are Your people and the sheep of Your pasture. Father, we enter Your gates with thanksgiving and Your courts with praise, we give thanks to You God and we praise Your name. Father, we Your people declare today that the Lord is good and His love endures forever. We praise You because Your faithfulness continues through all generations.
(Psalm 100)

Heavenly Father, in this day we will give thanks to You Lord and we will call upon Your name; we will make known among the nations what You have done and we will proclaim that Your name is exalted. We will sing to You Lord for You have done glorious things and we will let it be known to all the world. Father, today we will shout aloud and sing for joy. We will declare that great is the holy one of Israel among us.
(Isaiah 12:4-6)

Father, as we come before You today in the name of Jesus, we declare that You are God and earnestly we will seek You. Father, it's our desire to see You in the sanctuary; to behold Your power and Your glory. Father, Your love is greater than life and our lips will glorify You. We will praise You as long as we live and in Your name we will lift up our hands. You have satisfied our souls as with the riches of foods and with singing lips our mouths will give You praise.
(Psalm 63:1-5)