Prayer For Mom With Alzheimer's

O God of love,
hear our prayer
for all who suffer from Alzheimer's.
In the days of changing memory,
be with them in their fears.
In the days when memory has gone,
bless their families who suffer.
Surround them with tender love
from family, friend, and stranger.
Grant them peace in their hearts,
a secure home environment,
and dignity in their lives.
May each day bring a blessing,
hope, and greater love.

Heavenly Father,

May all go well with the doctor today and all the paperwork to be processed, that it go quickly and smoothly.

Please pray for peace and comfort for Maureen, help her to not be anxious and fearful. Help her to know peace, as she gets lost in her thinking. May she continue to do well and not be overwhelmed and afraid at all that will be so unfamiliar to her. May she learn to trust her new caregiver as she has Flora, and be able to take direction and guidance from her.

Pour Your Graces down upon Flora and her new caregiver that they will know how best to help her and be strong and patient and kind. These women are both your angels here on earth, giving so generously and compassionately. We are so blessed to have so many kind people like these two.

Give me the strength to handle the whole situation in the best possible way for her. Guide both my decisions and my words in dealing with other family members. Please let this change go smoothly and help me to keep her safe from those in our family who are abusive and unpredictable, keep them from causing trouble for the caregiver and for my mother.

Almighty God, continue to keep her safe, happy and well. Guide me to be Love at all times.
and thank you in advance -

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please be present at this moment in time with the individual(s) that read this passage. Please wrap your loving, comforting, and insightful arms around this person helping them to feel your love and understanding of what they are going through. Help them to experience spiritual maturity, love, acceptance, and peace. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

Dear Lord, I come to you brokenhearted, my mother is suffering from Alzheimers for over 12 years now, she is scared. Please heavenly father, may she have peace and your presence be with her, please surround her with your Angels. You are a God of mercy and justice, I confide in you Lord to protect her and shield her from pain, anguish and uncertainty. Father, I confide in your merciful love. Please bring us healing soon, we are all suffering very much. I pray for strengh to go through this, I am crushed with sadness, I cannot sleep, I cannot find consolation. Heavenly Father, please hear my prayer, please read my heart. Please help us with mom and free her from ilness and suffering I pray, Oh holy One, hear me please. Thank you Lord.