Prayer For Monday Flag Ceremony

Almighty Father, we praise and worship You for being our Creator and Savior.
Thank You for blessing us with this wonderful gift we call Life.
Thank You for giving us another day, another opportunity to appreciate all Your creations.

Father, we ask Your forgiveness for all our sins and shortcomings.
May today be a new chance for all of us to follow Your teachings.

Guide and protect our families, O Lord.
May our children and loved ones be in good condition while we are away.

We ask You, Father, to bless us as we do our work and all our undertakings today.
May we find pleasure in serving the people because we know that by serving them, we are serving You.

As we celebrate our Senate anniversary, let good governance reign in this institution.
We pray that the spirit of social justice, good ethics, and accountability prevail in the decisions of our leaders.

Father, we ask that the end of Ramadan brings peace in the world, especially in the Philippines.
Help us to be more tolerant and respectful of our differences.

All this we ask in Your Glory. Amen.

Lord, thank You for Your dominion and reign over every living thing and over the entire universe. There is not one square inch of creation over which you do not cry, Mine! This belongs to me Nor is there any ruler's heart beyond Your reach. We ask for You to accomplish Your divine will through the leaders of our country, states and cities, no matter their commitment to follow You. Lord, turn their hearts to accomplish Your will, even the most self-serving. And whoever our leaders may be, we ask You to turn their hearts so that Your Kingdom come, Your will be done,on earth--in our country, states, and cities--as it is in heaven.

Lord, You are the source of all wisdom. We pray that you would impart your wisdom to our government leaders, that they may pursue the welfare of the city the good of every citizen.

But Lord, we acknowledge that in America we share this responsibility with our rulers. Give us all the wisdom of Solomon to provide equal opportunity for everyone to succeed in their work, reach their goals, and pursue their dreams. May we work tirelessly to untangle the many social issues which plague our society. Give us wisdom and the ability to work together with men and women of opposing political persuasions to seek the welfare of our cities, states, and country

Thank you, God, for seeing every act, hearing every word, and knowing every motive of every person. There is no unspoken thought, no political payoff, no back-room deal, no hidden motive which escapes Your notice. You are the all-knowing, perfect, and righteous judge. We acknowledge that many times those whom we have placed in authority reject You and seek to establish their own rule and power. For those who use their authority for evil or selfish gain, we pray for their repentance, humbly acknowledging our own need of grace. Like King Nebuchadnezzar, may we all see the error of our ways, turn to You for forgiveness, and live righteously.

Take our hearts and hand and grant us this we pray... We are asking forgiveness to our sins and shortcomings. We believe Lord that You always shown your unconditional love, your immeasurable grace, and your power have no boundary... You always give us what we ask for something better. Teach us Lord that our attitudes towards work are what really counts because we offer you today the fruits of our labor.

Blessed all the officials and employees of this LGU as we go along this weekly task to serve your people. Lord grant us peace, all this we ask in Jesus name we pray. AMEN.