Prayer For Missionaries

Jesus, my Great Physician, many missionaries are living in unsanitary conditions. They live, work, buy groceries, and simply exist in unhygienic situations. I pray that You would place a hedge of protection around them and their families. Please protect their health and cover them with Your love. Where there is illness today, reach out Your hand and heal. Transportation may be necessary to get the sick to safety, gracious father I pray that You provide for that as well. Amen

God of Light, missionaries have the difficult task of finding ways into the people groups they are trying to reach. They have many choices, ideas, and suggestions. Their plans are always before them. Experience shows that something that works well in one place does not necessarily work in other areas. For this reason, I am asking You to please guide their plans and bless the work of their hands. Amen.

Precious Holy Spirit, missionaries have so much responsibility. I pray You watch over and guide them as they seek to reach the lost around them. I know all wisdom comes from You, so please grant them wisdom in abundance. As they work in dangerous places, I ask that You give them supernatural wisdom and discernment to know what is safe and what is not. Please bestow Your wisdom upon the missionaries today. Amen.

God of Blessing, ministering overseas is a daunting task, much more than we realize. Lord, I pray You would bless their plans to reach their people or city for Your glory. I pray, Lord, that You would take the seeds they are planting and bring them to the fruition You desire. Please open the hearts of the people in their area to Your truth. Go before them and prepare the hearts of the people that will be Yours. Amen.

Blessed Father, I come before You for the missionaries around the world. Often their isolation can make them feel like they are alone. I especially pray for the single missionaries, Lord. I ask in the name of Jesus that when they feel alone that You would remind them that we are praying for them. They are not alone. We are with them. I pray they will physically sense our prayers for them and find the encouragement to continue the work You have given them. Amen.

Gracious Father, I pray on behalf of my missionary friends. They are dependent upon the offerings and support of others. Lord, I pray You would burden the hearts of more people to support their work. I pray You would go beyond those that know of them. I pray that You open the hearts of people they don't know and start new ministry partnerships. Please open the storehouses of Heaven and pour financial blessings over them. Amen.

God of Heaven's Armies, I come before You on behalf of the missionaries around the world. Their calling has taken them to places where Your enemy defends with great fierceness. Your enemy targets them because they seek to lead the lost to salvation. Please protect them against the invisible enemy with Your mighty arm. For the sake of those who will believe, teach them how to fight spiritual battles, and stand their ground. Be their shield, Lord, and guard them. Amen.

All-Powerful Lord, I come before You on behalf of those serving overseas in unsafe conditions. I want to ask gracious Lord, that You would cover each member of the family with a hedge of protection and watch over them as they come and go. I pray that You remove from before them any snares or traps of their enemies. I pray You keep them safe so that they can continue in their ministry. Amen.