Prayer For Mind Deliverance

I bind the strong man over this temple in the name of Jesus Christ. I plead the blood of Jesus against or on anything ________has touched, is touching or will touch. I bind all outside demonic activity and all the forces of evil in, around, about, beneath and outside __________ that would try to interfere including principalities, powers and rulers of darkness, forces of spiritual wickedness, spirits of distraction, deception, confusion, repression, witchcraft, strife, stress and competition.
I bind the carnal and passive mind of __________ and command it to cease and be shut down in Jesus Christ?s name. We refuse the carnal and passive mind from interfering in any way. I command those voices of evil spirits to be silenced. I bind and forbid them from communicating with each other and with the outside spirit world. I bind the forces of evil from this room and from having any knowledge of what is or what will take place in these rooms. I bind and break the power and effects of all doorkeepers and gatekeepers in Jesus? name be gone. In the name of Jesus, I claim absolution for __________ from all negative schemes that have heretofore been set in perpetual motion such as bottomless holes, endless needs, repeated conditions, problems without end, and mazes.
I command that Satan?s legal rights over __________ be broken, and that all back up systems be destroyed. I command there to be a purging and healing of __________ spiritual being; a purging and healing of __________ physical being. I direct the healing lights of the Holy Spirit to the source of each physical problem. I command a purging and a healing of all relationships; a purging and a healing of __________ personal ministry and a purging and a healing of __________ material being. In Jesus? name, Father sever any demonic link between ________?s soul and spirit and we ask you to completely cleanse, purify and sanctify this spirit.
Father, we actively will __________ soul to you. All evil human spirits be bound, be gone and cast out. All human occult evil spirits be bound, your power and effects of ___________ life are broken. I forbid the forces of evil to use any human spirits against __________. I take authority over the blood line and bind and break any negative transfer from __________ ancestors and all spirits of iniquity passed down from the third and fourth to the twentieth generation since the time of conception within the womb. I break the lines of inheritance in __________ life. We come against all inherited demons in Jesus Christ?s name and say be gone in ___________ life. In the name of Jesus, I destroy every legal hold and I renounce and withdraw all legal ground that Satan and his demons and devils feel they have in __________ life. I bind and break the power and effects of all demonic curses, spells, incantations, blessings of evil, bewitchments, enchantments, hexes, cult and occult transfer; all evil effects of sins, all physical transfer, all spirits passed down, all soul ties, evil oaths, commitments, vows put upon __________ and __________ children because of disobedience and the disobedience of ___________ ancestors and family in the name of Jesus.
Father, in the name of Jesus, I come against all former marriages and previous negative unions and break the influence of the present effects it has on the life of __________. Father, in Jesus Christ?s name, I erase all negative suggestions and attitudes recorded in the conscious and subconscious mind of _________ I deprogram and break every evil program, negative evil tendency and pattern in _________ I destroy all support and supply spirits and evil networks and past effects in Jesus name. Hypnotic trances, damnations, grinders, puppet strings, evil seedpods, pressures, contracts, hindrances, blockages, fogs, jinxes, false burdens, pulsators and auras into the abyss. In Jesus name, we loose __________ bands of wickedness, undo heavy burdens and let ___________ oppressions go free and break __________ every yoke.
I break the core of evil and I break the fleshly carnal will and every evil desire in Jesus name, over, about, on, or within _________ I command the carnal mind to be silenced, in Jesus name. I command all evil claws, oppressions, barriers, bondages, strings, grudges, stumbling blocks, evil alliances, evil eyes, camouflages, molds, stigmas, bands, yokes, traps, walls, entrapments, mood swings, blinders, masks and plagues in Jesus name to be broken and into the abyss. We pray over the spirit, soul, body, mind, will], emotions, memories, and heart of__________ hi the name of Jesus, I come against words, predictions, power of words, I bind the words, the fear and results of hearing the words.
In the name of Jesus, I close all cult, and occultic and psychic doors and seal them with the blood of Jesus and cut free from all commitments previously made to satan or to cult or occultic societies, knowingly or unknowingly. In the name of Jesus, I bind and break the power and effect of every evil unpleasant memory and every evil word spoken to or over ___________ since conception. I bind and break the power and effects of every evil prayer to or over _________ since conception.
I ask you Lord Jesus to begin to heal all hurts and wounds caused by _________ own sins, all hurts and wounds caused by others, all hurts and wounds caused by ancestral transfer, all hurts and wounds caused by spiritual warfare, all hurts and wounds caused by idolatry, decisions, and wicked works, in the spirit, soul, body, mind, will, emotions, heart and memories by the blood of Jesus, the name of Jesus and the healing balm of Gilead: I command __________ to be sutured and healed in Jesus name. Now, Father, 11 ask you to send your Holy Spirit and angels to gather together and restore to its proper place all the pieces of ___________ fragmented mind, _______ fragmented will, and _______ fragmented emotions, and _______ fragmented memories and soul Bring them into proper original and perfect positions as you planned them to be. Thank you Jesus, for all that is taking place and will be taking place because of your love and grace for us. In the name and by the blood of Jesus, Amen.

Father I RENOUNCE Any Ungodly Act Knowing and unknowingly that I have made upon myself and to Others.
I confess my sins and ask you to Forgive me and I know I am forgiven and I forgive MYSELF! I believed you died on the Cross and took all my iniquities and ALL my sickness and sorrows and throw them into the sea of forgetfulness never to be remembered. I DECLARE I am forgiven and PROCLAIM I am a Holy Vessel and will serve you as my Lord and Savior in Jesus name AMEN!

Father, I pray that you would increase the anointing in me that breaks the yoke. You are my deliverer and I praise you! I renounce all mind control and triggers, End time mind control, witchcraft mind control, hypnosis, meditation, ESP, stoicism, asceticism, traumatic shocks, drugs, martial arts, schizophrenia, and yoga. Father, forgive me for agreeing with these in the past. I renounce and repent of all word curses or medical diagnosis that I, or anyone spoke over me, in Jesus name. I renounce all fault finding and pointing the finger.

Father, please send angels to seal off every door through which Mind Control is receiving reinforcement and aid. Block every access with the blood of Jesus. In Jesus' Name, Father, I ask that You seal off all spirits in this place from which Mind Control and his troops can draw strength. We cut off and forbid all reinforcements assigned from satan. We loose angels to break and prevent all communication of such spirits with their ruler princes and with satan himself. We break the middle wall of separation of all false religion, Thank you Lord!

Mind control, we cut the assignment of anger, legalismand all religious legalism mindsetwe bind you. We break the curse of Evil Memory Recall and cancel its assignment. Father, we ask you to bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, and break Orion's bands, blackwell, of control off of my mind, in Jesus name! Squid and Octopus spirits we bind you and command you to go, in Jesus name! schizophrenia, double-mindedness, we break your power and command you to go in the mighty name of Jesus also!

All doubt and unbelief go right now in Jesus name! Thank you for this deliverance Father God! Help me to hold the ground and be rooted and grounded in YOU! I speak life over myself. I also proclaim that I have the mind of Christ! Amen

Dear Lord, I thank you for waking me up enclosed in my proper state of mind. I'm grateful for you allowing my children, my husband and me to see another day. Please, Lord protects my family's coming and goings daily. I pray for consistent peace of mind. I ask you, Lord, to remove anything that brings demonic entities or spirits upon my family and myself. Please send your guardian angels of Mercy and protection to keep my children, my husband and I safe and protected from all hurt harm evil and danger. Bless, guide and protect my brother and grandma. Cover my entire family and in-laws Lord. Send me financial and spiritual blessings my way. Expand and increase the mind and thoughts of my children and myself. Please allow my daughter Timisha to maintain her honor status at school. Lord, as you open up the doors of opportunity, for my husband and I to find new job opportunities. In your holy name Lord, I pray this prayer. Amen

Heavenly Father,

I bring my mind into submission to Thee this day. Help me to recognize and resist every form of lie that the enemy projects into my mind.

I claim sound mind, clarity, and peace of mind from now onwards,

in Jesus name

Dear Lord, I come to You in deepest love and concern for my loved one. As you know it is hard for me to watch them go through this situation. It is even harder sometimes to keep my thoughts and emotions in check. Sometimes when I am in prayer, all these things get stirred up and it is hard for me to concentrate and hear Your voice. As I go into my prayer time with You right now, I pray that You will settle all these things inside me. Clear my heart and mind of anything that will hinder my discernment of Your voice. In Your name I pray. Amen.

Almighty God, cover my mind with the helmet of Your salvation, reminding me constantly that I am Your child and the enemy can't mess with me. Fix my thoughts, Lord Jesus, on what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, and admirable. Help me to think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise so Your peace will guard my mind (Philippians 4:8-9). Don't let me copy the behavior and customs of this world, but transform me into a new person by changing the way I think. Then I will learn to recognize Your will for me which is good and pleasing and perfect (Romans 12:2, NLT). Saturate my mind with Your truth so I am convinced that the answers are found in Your Word, not out in the world. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Father God, we praise you for your love and faithfulness towards your children. We praise you for being a perfect, holy, trustworthy God that is bigger than all the evil we experience here on earth. We ask that you give us eyes to see when evil is before us, hearts to hate evil and the desire to flee from its presence. We ask that you would not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil and draw us closer to yourself. We ask for the long-expected Jesus to come quickly and make all things new. We ask these things His precious name. Amen.