Prayer For Memory Power

It is so hard Lord to see my dad starting to become so forgetful and seems to be losing his memory, and I pray that in Your grace and mercy You would show us what to do to prevent this from advancing any further.. and even to reverse the problem.

Lord, You are the one Who designed our minds and our bodies and You are the only one that can truly help him and heal him at this time. Open our eyes to discover if there is anything that we can do to address this issue whether it is with diet or exercise or medication or anything else. Give us the wisdom we pray to help my dad, as we don't want this to advance any further it is so painful.

I pray that You would draw very close to him throughout both the day and the night-time hours. Guide his hesitating steps, keep him from stumbling, protect him when he is in unfamiliar surroundings and prevent him from becoming agitated, upset and frustrated, when he is unable to clearly communicate his needs and wishes to us.

Help my dad.. and all of us, to be willing to accept the advancing years and the deterioration of our health and failing memories. May the angel of Your presence encamp around him and may he feel You every closer to himself in his advancing years in Jesus name we pray,


Loving Lord, we ask You to hear our prayer for those with Alzheimer's disease and pray that You would grant them You perfect peace in their heart and a loving and secure environment in which to live, where they can be properly cared for, cherished and looked after in a safe and secure environment - with dignity and human respect

We pray that those whose minds are in the process of shutting down would not become fearful or disoriented - and that those whose memory has already become closed off to their nearest and dearest, would be granted His perfect peace deep within their soul and may the joy of the Lord flood their hearts.

We ask for Your blessing and grace on all who care for patients or relatives with Alzheimer's disease, knowing that this sort of degenerative condition can be extremely taxing and frustrating. Give each care-worker and every family member the strength, patienceandgrace to deal with this type of severe memory loss, in Jesus name we pray,


Oh Lord, We come toYouto lift up all those who have been involved in a vehicle accident and are having to face the devastating consequences of long-term memory loss and on-going physical pain

We ask for Your comfort, grace, strengthandsupport for all who are having to completely rearrange their lives and rethink their future, as a result of such a traumatic misfortune. Draw close to each one we pray, whose memory has been affected, and we ask that You would be very close to all who have had to suffer in this way. We pray that they might find You to be their ever-present help in time of trouble and know Your presence with them each moment of the day.

Look down in pity and mercy we pray - not only on the victims whose lives have been changed socruelly,but on all family members and friends who have been severely impacted by such a devastating blow. Give them wisdom to know what to do and the grace to face the future with confidence knowing that through it all..You have promised to never leave them nor forsake them.

Supply each one with Your sufficient grace and may they discover through this experience an intimacy with You that they might otherwise have missed this we ask in Jesus name,


My Father,

Because of your grace I come to you, able to stand in your presence forgiven and embraced as your child. You are well aware of my every thought, and you know how I struggle to keep my mind free from darkness. I ask you to help me to maintain healthy thoughts, to align my mind with the mind of Christ, and to consciously remember and ponder all you have done for me. Then I will praise you all day long as I think about the way you redeemed me from myself and from every dung heap that I've found myself buried in. How I love you. Cleanse my mind. Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart make You happy today.


Dear Father!You know the difficulties I am facing in my studies. I am in a helpless state! I come to You seeking Your help and guidance.Lord You have said, "I will instruct You and teach You in the way You should go; I will guide You with my eye" yes Lord! be with me and give me an understanding heart so that I can grasp my lessons and memories them. Lord! it is nothing for You to help a weak person! My mind is too weak and I have a very poor memory power. I forget whatever I learn and I lose all my confidence. Lord! I plead with You to strengthen my memory power and grant me Your abundant grace so that I write my exams with confidence. Let Your power engulf me Lord and let every unwanted fear flee from me! Send me help from above and make me a success in life. I know You'll do it because Your love for me is incomparable. Thanks for listening to me. In Jesus' name, I pray.Amen.

Dear Lord,

Help me to be focused and make my mind sharp today.

Father, I trust in you to give me guidance and show me the way, and in the moment I should forget something Lord, please show me the things I need to see and help me to remember the things I need to remember.

For you are my light, my eyes, my all.

I pray this in your most loving name God Amen.

Dear God, please help me restore my memory. I know that from today onward, my memory can improve in every way with Your help. You will help me to be able to remember whatever I need to know at every moment of time and point of space. The impressions I will receive will be clear and definite. I will be able to retain them automatically and easily. Whatever I want to recall will immediately present itself in the correct form in my mind. I will improve rapidly every day with Your help. Very soon my memory will be better than it has ever been before. Thank You.

Dear heavenly Father, You know the struggle I am having to remember and retain the things that I have learned in my personal study-time as well as my work situation, and how it is becoming such a worry to me. I just want all cast all these cares and concerns onto You, because I know this is whatYouhave told us to do and I DO trust You to be there to help me through this difficult and distressing situation because You have promised.
Lord, I am asking for Your help today. Show me why I am unable to recall to memory things that I have learned and help me also to overcome this memorization problem
Lord, I know thatYouare able to correct this memory loss but if there is something thatYouwant to show through it or teach me..I pray that I will be open to the leading of Your Holy Spirit and that He will show me anything that will help to addressinabilityto remember and retain information. I trust Your word and ask that in Your goodness and grace You will help address this memorization issue speedily and I will give You all the praise and glory,