Prayer For January

This year's Advent study book helps us see the light coming to us through God and Jesus.

The light of God -

fills us with the eternal hope of our security in the kingdom of heaven,

lifts up an irrational vision of peace says, Be still and know that I am God.'

says you are not alone. Emmanuel, God with us.

God is with us with you to be a light that shines through your obstructions.

God gives you hope that will not fade, peace that will not be understood,

love that will not let you go, and joy that will not create shadows.

Pastor deVega's prayer: God, thank you for the light that has come to pierce our darkness.

Teach us, then, to be lights of the world that others may be brought into relationship with you. Amen

Dear Lord, please give me:
A few friends who understand me and still remain my friends,

A work to do that has real value, without which the world would feel poorer,

A mind unafraid to travel, though the trail be not blazed,

An understanding heart and a sense of humor,

Time for quiet, silent meditation, plus a feeling of the presence of God,

And the patience to wait for the coming of these things,

With the wisdom to know them when they come. Amen

Tender Father, may I not attempt to serve life for my own gratification. May I not interpret love through vanity, but from reality. Make me worth while, that I may be relied upon for my pledges, and needed for my services. Amen.

God of justice, may I pause to remember that while I may do a mean act and keep it hidden from others, I cannot keep it hidden from myself, nor from thee. Help me to have a nobler sense of the quality of life, and less anxiety for the quantity, that I may avoid harshness and selfishness, and be given to tenderness and justice. Amen.

Almighty God, I thank thee for all the tender influences of life; for all the gentleness and strength that may be given and received through friendship. Help me to be careful of what I do, for my sake, and for the sake of those who may follow me. Amen.

Lord God, I pray that I may not overlook thy blessings of beauty while endeavoring to perform my duties. Guide me that I may not struggle to be where thou wouldst not have me go. Amen.

Lord God, we kneel before you and worship you, for you do mighty deeds in heaven and on earth and allow us to become your children and your servants. You have done great things for many people, enabling them to serve you, and you will do still more. For you have promised that all our paths will be made straight. You have promised that all we do may be a service to you through Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, whom we follow. He will be revealed to the whole world, so that the nations will be called to serve you and your will may be done on earth as in heaven. Praised be your name, Lord our God! We open our hearts to you. In death and in life we are yours. Amen.

Dear Father in heaven, we thank you that you are our Father and that we may have you with us. We thank you that we can know you are leading us by your hand. Give us your Spirit of understanding so that we may always see your mighty and powerful hand guiding us on all our ways. Help us where we fall short. Help us, for we are weak and are often in situations where we cannot help ourselves. But you are strong. You give light to our hearts. Through the Savior, Jesus Christ, we can direct our lives cheerfully, joyfully, and patiently toward the great goal set before us your children, and before the whole world. Amen.