Prayer For Hoteliers

Tonight, through my lack of sleep, I'm reminded of the power of the Holy Spirit through the use of Holy Water to bless and keep us from the works of the Enemy.* We have authority over the Enemy in, under, and through Christ's perfect authority. We don't have to submit ourselves to our Accuser's plan of attachments and entanglements through physical objects or places such as a hotel room, hotel, airport, or the city it resides in.

Please consider reading the excellent article by Fr. Edward Looney Priest: Why holy water comes with me whenever I travel before using these excerpts?

Prayer to cleanse hotel room using holy water:
Almighty God, I ask you to send your angels to be with me in this place, and protect me from all assaults of the Evil One. Please forgive any wrong that has been perpetuated in this room, and grant those who offend you the grace of conversion. Dispel the powers of darkness which may be in this room and protect me this night, and those who will sleep here in the forthcoming nights. Jesus I trust in You!.

From the Night Prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours:
Lord, we [or I] beg you to visit this house [room] and banish from it all the deadly power of the enemy. May your holy angels dwell here to keep us in peace, and may your blessings be upon us always. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

My Lord! One of Thy million creations!
People far, far away from their homes come here
Our duty is to get their appreciation!

Kindly bless to keep our preparations taste
Hygienic and cheap to serve all those who come,
In hunger and in haste to return quite fast
We run the business- not for gains handsome!

We do employ the people to serve with respect
Train to cook with love and prayer to the Lord
That whoever takes should be happy and perfect
Let my profession be of service to all, my God!

Quality ingredients- flour, vegetables, oil
We use to make the dishes tasty and healthy
Served at a cost affordable to all who toil
Let our clients' happiness be aplenty!

Dear lord, help me become the type of manager my bosses would like me to be, especially when they think they know it allwhich can be very frustrating to those of us who do.

Please give me the strength to tell them that ours is the business of hospitality. That we are in the business to render a service; that if done exceptionally well, will make people willing to pay a profit and revisit us, in recognition of what we have done for them.

Provide me that mysterious something which will enable me at all times to satisfactorily explain policies, rules, regulations and procedures to my staff even when they have never been explained to me. Forgive some of us in the flock when we often settle for the mediocre rather than pursue superior performance. Because we stumble not in a stupor, but in ignorance - ignorance of the gospel on standards.

Help me to teach and to train the uninterested and near dimwitted without losing my patience and my temper. In your infinite wisdom, you have told me that the manager who flies into a rage always makes a bad landing. Convince my HR manager to hire correctly, as to do otherwise will lead to borrowing trouble where accumulating worry would be the interest I would perpetually pay.

Give me that special love for my fellow man which passeth all understanding so that I may lead the uncooperative, obstinate, grouchy no-good worker into the path of righteousness by my own example and my gentle persuading remonstrance, instead of busting him on the nose.

Help me to never give an order that I cannot undertake. Therefore teach me to smileeven if it kills me. Strengthen me so that the power of my example far exceeds the authority of my rank.

Lord, give me a restful night's sleep each day. Protect my mind on the conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels while I sleep. Instill in my inner being tranquility and peace of mind that no longer will I wake up from my restless sleep in the middle of the night crying out - what has the boss got that I haven't got? or why did I get this nincompoop as my boss?.

Make me a better leader of men and women, by helping me develop larger and better qualities of understanding, tolerance, sympathy, wisdom, perspective, calmness, composure, mind-reading, foresight, insight and second sight even when customers are queuing up to leave.

Infuse me with the strength to be a diplomat, a democrat, an autocrat, an acrobat and a doormat. Allow me the opportunity to be outside, inside, offside, glorified, sanctified, crucified, cross-eyed, and, If I can no longer can be strong and silent seek comfort in an asylum.

Inspire me my lord, to battle my illusions

As the rightful occupant(s) of this room from now till . (state the check out day/date), I/we bind down all rights given to all anti-Christ spirits and powers in this room.

I/We forbid all of you from oppressing or attacking me/us, in any way. I/We muzzle you during the whole duration of my/our stay here.

I/We set the cross of Jesus between all of you and me/us.

I/We bring all of you under the subjection of the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In Jesus' name. Amen!

Heavenly Father, thank you for Your provision.

Thank you for setting aside this room for my/our rest and refuge.

Please cleanse and sanctify it for my/our use.

Please cleanse the furniture, bedding and linen that I/we will use, from all spiritual defilement.

Please assign Your holy angels to protect me/us during my/our stay.

Protect my/our mind(s) on the conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels while I/we sleep. Give me/us a restful night's sleep each day.

Watch over and bless my/our coming in and going out every day with Your mighty presence.