Prayer For Hopeless Feeling

Oh glorious apostle St. Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, the name of the traitor who delivered thy beloved Master into the hands of His enemies has caused thee to be forgotten by many, but the Church honors and invokes thee universally as the patron of hopeless cases--of things despaired of. Pray for me who am so miserable; make use, I implore thee, of that particular privilege accorded thee of bringing visible and speedy help where help is almost despaired of. Come to my assistance in this great need, that I may receive the consolations and succor of heaven in all my necessities, tribulations and sufferings, particularly (mention your request), and that I may bless God with thee and all the elect throughout eternity. I promise thee, O blessed St. Jude, to be ever mindful of this great favor, and I will never cease to honor thee as my special and powerful patron, and to do all in my power to encourage devotion to thee. Amen

O Lord God, I feel weak and weary, helpless and hopeless. Darkness seems to have invaded my very being. Lord God, at times I just want to give up in despair, as a black depression slowly descends on me and there seems little that I can do to stop it.

And yet I know that this is not Your will for my life, for You came from heaven to give us light and hope and You have said that Your strength is made perfect in my weakness.

Be my strength I pray in my weakness. Be my light in my darkness. Be my hope in this deep depression and be that perfect love that casts out the fear and pain that I have in my heart, which so often tries to put its icy fingers around my throat. Give me a sense of Your presence and Your closeness, and pour into my heart that peace You promised to all Your children, that passes understanding, I pray.

Lord God, I cry to You at this time of depression in my life, for in my heart I know that You alone are my only hope. Lift me Lord from this crippling depression, and draw me back into close fellowship with Yourself. I truly believe that when my mind is thinking about You, that depression has little opportunity to invade my peace. Help me to keep my mind on You and Your many precious promises. In Jesus' name I pray,


Heavenly Father, You are our refuge and strength in the bad times as well as the good times. Although the difficulties of life cause many of us to tighten our grip on the hope we have in You, there are some dear believers that struggle with depression, and who fall into despair when times of trouble hit their lives.

Lord, we grieve when this causes men and women to question their hope in You and even walk away from the trust they had in the Lord Jesus Christ. But You are a God of great grace and loving-kindness, and we bring before You all believers who are going through the testing of their faith in the form of despair or depression today.

Look down in pity and mercy on all who are struggling in this way. Bring peace and comfort I pray, to all who are facing the pain that depression brings, and reach down in Your love to touch each life and to draw them back into Your loving arms of forgiveness and grace. We ask this in the lovely name of Jesus,


Lord Jesus, I have proved in my life that when I am weighed down with sin and cares and the worries of life, that an evil depression invariably descends on me and drags me down into greater despair.

Lord, I don't want to succumb to this act of unbelief in my life, for I have learned that depression and despair are the fruit of unbelief, while the fruit of the spirit are the treasures You give to those that hope in the Lord, no matter what problems life may throw at us.

Help me not to be afraid or discouraged when things go wrong and not to dwell on the problem. But when evil thoughts arise in my heart, bring to my mind Your Word of truth I pray, for Your Word is health and healing and strength to my soul.

Help me to remember that the eternal God is my refuge and strength, and underneath are Your everlasting arms to support and carry me. Help me Lord, to cast all my cares on You, for You have promised to sustain me and never to let me fall. Help me to remember that You are the one that can heal my broken-heart, bind up all my wounds and help me not to be anxious for anything.

Lord, I lift this prayer to You with thanksgiving, knowing that You are a God Who hears and answers all that cry out to You. Guard my heart and mind I pray, in Christ Jesus,


O most holy apostle, Saint Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, the Church honoureth and invoketh thee universally, as the patron of hopeless cases, and of things almost despaired of.

Pray for me, who am so miserable. Make use, I implore thee, of that particular privilege accorded to thee, to bring visible and speedy help where help was almost despaired of.

Come to mine assistance in this great need, that I may receive the consolation and succor of Heaven in all my necessities, tribulations, and sufferings, particularly (here make your request) and that I may praise God with thee and all the elect throughout eternity.

I promise thee, O blessed Jude, to be ever mindful of this great favour, to always honour thee as my special and powerful patron, and to gratefully encourage devotion to thee. Amen.

Blessed Lord,
Thank you for all the wonderful blessings you have bestowed upon me, and your constant presence when I needed it most. Thank you Lord for opening my eyes to what true prayer is and what it means to offer up our sufferings to You. Please instill hope into my heart and soul and bless me with the graces of the Holy Spirit so as to not live in fear of failure and to learn from my mistakes that have seemingly taken their toll.

Holy Father, have mercy on me and help me to overcome this great sadness and hopelessness. Let it not be by my will, but by Yours, that all these things come to pass. May you also reach out and bless those who face similar difficulties and feel lonely; comfort them and guide them to You. Amen.

Father God, right now I feel so hopeless. Everything in my life is going wrong, and I'm not sure if things will ever change for me.

I keep trying to find the silver lining, but it is nowhere to be found. Happiness seems so far away. But Jesus, I know that you are with me.

You are the only one I cling to in times of trouble. You are my hope, the light in all this darkness.

Because of you, I have a joy that transcends my circumstances.

Because of you, I have eternal life. I know that even if I suffer in this life, I have a promise of life forever with you in heaven.

So help me to remember all of your promises toward me. You are faithful, and you will not let me out of your loving care.

Give me endurance to bear my burdens joyfully, knowing that they build my faith in you.

Let my positive attitude be a testimony to your great power in my life. I don't know what the outcome of this situation will be, but I pray that I will come out of it stronger and with a better understanding of your love for me.

Don't ever let me lose heart or despair; with you, I have everything I need.

And above all, help me to keep looking forward to eternity, when all this pain will be wiped from the face of the earth.

I pray this in Jesus' name.


Dear God of all hope,
I come before thee to ask for your forgiveness for not walking in faith and trusting you.

I fell to the weakness of sin by trusting someone else and worldly things to find both hope and joy.

I know that neither man, beast, or thing can satisfy and feed my soul, nor will they carry me through the storms of life. Only you can do that, Lord.

My heart feels void of hope right now, Lord, and I need you to reach down and grab my hand to pull me up from this pit of despair.

Restore my joy and help me to feel the passion for living yet again. Help me to find purpose by using me, Father.

I trust in you completely and give myself to you.

Give me wisdom to fully see that which I have falsely placed my hope in. May my eyes and heart be focused on you for my needs.

Father, I acknowledge that I have sinned and that I can have eternal life through your Son, who died on the cross for me.

Give me abundant hope, and may my cup runneth over with joy. May my heart beat only for you as I serve you through the remaining days of my life.

Thank you for being the loving God that you are and for patiently waiting on me when I fall away from you.

I trust in you for my today and tomorrow and with every circumstance and situation that may come up in my life.

I pray in Jesus' name - amen.