Prayer For Her

Dear God, we have been struggling lately and don't know what to do. We humbly ask for your help and to know Your Will for how to move forward. Thank You for all of the blessings that you have given us and for always being there when we need you. Amen.

O God, thank You for bringing us together. Please be with my love today and always, and help me to be a good, loving, and supportive boyfriend to her. Amen.

Dear Lord, You made so many wonderful things. I am so happy for the love that I have found. Please bless her and watch over her in all that she does. Amen.

O Precious Lord, my girlfriend needs to make some difficult decisions. Please help her know what You would have her do. Thank You for all that You do for us. Amen.

Dear God, please watch over the love of my life. She is so important to me, and she needs you right now. Please protect her and keep her in Your loving arms. Amen.

O God, thank You so much for the gift of our love. Watch over both of us and help us be good partners to each other. Amen.

Thank You, God, for all the blessings that you have given us, especially the gift of our relationship. Please be with my darling today. She is going through a difficult time and could use your support. Amen.

: Dear God, keep the love of my life safe within Your arms. Help her in her work and let her feel Your Holy Presence today and always. Amen.