Prayer For Healing A Mother Daughter Relationship

Lord, I pray for the relationship between my daughter and I. There will be no strife between us. Even when we disagree, you are our mediator, oh Lord. Keep peace between us. May our love for one another continue to grow.

Show me where she hurts, and how I can be of aid. Teach us to be equally vulnerable to one another. As she grows, may she be a stronger ally for me, as I will always be for her. In the mighty name of Jesus! Amen

One of the most heartbreaking things that we have encountered in ministry is broken relationships. Mothers and daughters who no longer communicate. Grandchildren are cut off from relationships with their grandparents. That is beyond tragic. Our prayer today that God would bring a resolution where there is need.

Father, we know your heart breaks when families are torn apart. We stand with every mother and daughter that have been torn apart. Lord soften their hearts. Rekindle that flame of love in them. As you have forgiven them, and continue to, grant them grace to forgive others.

Where there has been wrong done, Lord, correct it. Where it cannot be corrected, Lord we pray that you would bring reconciliation. We come against any voices causing strife. May their wicked ways be exposed. In the mighty name of Jesus! Amen

Father, I bless your name. I thank you for my wonderful daughter. My prayer is that you would walk with her always. May her eyes always be drawn to the things of your kingdom. Guard her heart oh God, that she would not follow it unto distraction.

Dear God, may your word be truly hidden in her heart. Let it be a lamp unto her feet and a light on her path. May she live by every confession that comes from her mouth. Let your word never depart from her lips. Guide her to live in your will. She will not dwell in sin! In Jesus' name. Amen

O Lord, Protect her mind from evil conversations and grant her the spirit of discernment. Father, help her to hear your voice clearly and that she will hear nothing but truth.

O Lord,

I come before you and ask for forgiveness and healing in my relationship with my mother. Lord please heal our hearts and help us to understand instead of fight and argue. Help us to love one another and follow the path you have put before us.

Lord, my God, heal the hurt we have caused one another and bring back the love a mother and daughter should feel for one another.

In your name I pray, Amen.

Father God please bring my daughter back to me.Please let our relationship be healed and whole again.Please end this broken relationship and let a new beginning start so that there is peace and love between us. Please take away the hurt from us both and let my daughter want me as her mother again. Please bring her back and let my family be restored stronger and whole again . Let our broken hearts be healed and take away her anger for me and the troubles in her mind. Thankyou heavily father Amen

Dear Jesus, thank you for who you are. You are indeed omnipotent and omnipresence. I am grateful that you can see into our hearts. So right now God, will you see into the heart of my daughter? Purify her heart and protect her from all evil thoughts and ideas. Help my daughter to see the beauty you have placed inside of her. And help her to not be blinded by the world's definition of beauty. Father help her to be secure in who you say she is; fearfully and wonderfully made; a royal priesthood, a chosen generation. I pray for Your spiritual, physical and emotion defense over my daughter. Help her to known that you are her refuge and strength in times of difficulties. Protect her mind from evil conversations and grant her the spirit of discernment. Father, help her to hear your voice clearly and that she will hear nothing but truth. Lord help her to realize that safety can only be found in You and no-one else. So, thank you Father for your love, strength and protection over my daughter in Jesus Name. Amen.

Gracious God,
Hold my lovely mum at this time of illness, watch over her when she cannot sleep,
speak your love to her when she is afraid, touch and heal her weak body.
You are the fountain of life. I ask for your life giving water to pour down upon her.
Build her up again, look after her emotions and may she know your loving arms are around her at this time.
Thank you for your love, and for your promises to your children.
Thank you that you will never leave us, and that you bring us a peace that surpasses all understanding.