Prayer For Hair Restoration

Lord Please restore my scalp hair to it's former glory! In your lovely name, Jesus. Amen

Dear Lord, I come to you and ask you to please heal my hair and all others who are asking for you healing. I Lay this at your feet. I am having so much anxiety over this and don't leave the house. I am unable to care for myself, my child and my husband. I ask you Lord to please let this shedding stop and to restore my hair thick like it used to be before this suddenly started. Help me calm my anxiety, and eat right so I can have good progress like I was several months ago. Please give me faith and strength.

Yes Lord, I believe that you are a God of impossibility, I pray that my hair will grow as my baldness is visible, Lord do something soon for hair to grow back as you have wonderfully created me in your likeness and image to look good and beautiful, I ASK in the mighty name of Jesus amen.

Please Lord Jesus heal us of all our hair loss. though it is a seemingly trivial issue in the greater scope of the world, and though there are many on Earth in real crisis and more deserving of your assistance, please if it be by your will please restore the hair you have given thicker, fuller, and more vibrant than ever before. please restore that which you have given, so we may hold our heads high, and no longer be dispirited or lacking in confidence. May this solemn prayer I pray to you stand for me and all my brothers and sisters who pray along with me to you, now until the end of our lives, may satan and evil never again spoil your gifts or so much as touch the hair on heads. Forgive us our vanity oh Lord but please offer us your mercy all the same. Amen.

I'm sorry Lord but i pray for my hair in your name Jesus i believe in you that you heal me and regrow my hair and stop my hair loss/fall in your mighty name i praise you Amen..

I believe in the power of prayer. Ibelieve that God is going to bless me and others who are losing their hair. I received that in the name of Jesus amen

Almighty pls stop my hairfall and give strength to hairfollicles to regrow the lost hair to the fullest as u have blessed me before .. Amen.

Lord please refill me with many hair and regrow my bald patches. Lord please show me with the right hair products treatment. Bless my hair treatment to be successfully. Heal my scalp fungal infection disease which causes my hair loss. Lord please make my hair to be strong, healthier scalp, thick, more hair and moist. Amen