Prayer For Grandchild

Jehovah Shalom, I call upon You as I pray this special covering over my grandchildren. I pray that You will keep them in perfect peace, I proclaim that their minds will be steadfast because they trust in You. Lord, I pray against any distractions that will cause them to stray from You or will lead their mind to wander elsewhere. I pray against any worldly distractions in their life, I pray that they keep their eyes fixed on You instead, Amen.

Glorious God, blessed is Your Name! I come to You with thanksgiving in my heart; You have blessed me with grandchildren! I pray that You keep my grandchildren so that they may be like You when they are older. I pray that in all things they will rejoice in You always. I will say it again: Rejoice! I pray that their joy will not come from their circumstances, but it will come from You living within them, therefore they will always have a song of praise to sing, Amen.

Pray for my grandsons that they make the right choices in life
and that they study hard in order to get a good education.
Please guide Dazan as he starts his first year of
college and away from home.
Dear Jesus, protect him and help him with school.
I also pray that he comes back home
to visit with his family that loves him unconditionally.
Dear Jesus, guide him today. Thank you Jesus.

Father God I ask you for protection of my daughter, son and all my grandchildren. Father they live in a neighborhood where they are being harassed and tormented.

Father I ask you to protect them from all evil and return their peace and joy. I ask that you remove the and bind the enemy and their evil plots fail.

Father I ask that no evil prosper in their lives in any manner, no hurt harm,, danger death or sickness come near them in Jesus name. I thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. We need you in every area of our live every second of our lives Thank you again.


Beautiful One, I thank You for my grandchildren. I know that they are a blessing that has come from You, so I pray that I do not take them for granted. I pray that I follow the example of Laban who arose early in the morning and kissed his grandchildren and his daughters and blessed them before departing. Like Laban, I pray that I appreciate my grandchildren so that they may know that they are loved. I ask for a pouring out of blessings over their life, in Jesus' name, Amen.

God of Glory, Your Spirit is upon me and will never depart from me, Your words that You have put in my mouth will always be on my lips, on the lips of my children, and on the lips of their descendants from this time on and forever. Thank You in advance for blessing me with a generation of holy people. Cover my grandchildren in this perverse world, the word spoken over them has already set them apart from the wicked. I will arise and shine, for the glory of the Lord rises upon me, Amen.

Dear Loving Lord, how grieved I am that my precious grandchild whom I love so dearly has chosen to walk away from you and to seemingly forge a future without God in their life.

Lord, You know that this dear grandchild has been taught the truth of Scripture from the cradle and has been covered in pray from many quarters, even before being born. And Lord, You know that as a child they were taught the truth of the Lord Jesus and even made a commitment at an early age to accept You as their Saviour. Father, it grieves and saddens me and I plead with You to intervene in their life and bring them back to You.

Father, I know that nothing can snatch Your little lambs from Your hands or Your Father's hands. I trust You Lord, that You will keep Your hand upon my grandchild so that they return into Your loving arms of forgiveness.

Thank You, Lord, that even we become careless and unfaithful to You, You never give up on us. Lord, I trust the future of my grandchild into Your hands and pray that whatever it takes, You would draw them back into the way of truth. In Jesus' name I pray,


Heavenly Father, I lift up each of my grandchildren to You, and thank You for each life that is so special in Your sight. Lord, I pray that each one will come to know Christ as Saviour early in their lives, and desire a close walk with You through their teens and twenties and into adulthood.
May they learn to love Your Word and to come to know the value of prayer in their lives, so that they grow up into men and women that live godly in Christ Jesus.
Lord, I pray that all of us who have a touch on these young lives, will teach them day by day about the Lord Jesus and the wonderful truths in Your Word, both in word and by example, just as the mother and grandmother of Timothy taught him the truth of the Word of God. Guide each of my precious grandchildren into all truth, and bring them into true saving faith I pray. For You have promised that children that are brought up in the way that they should go will not depart from it as they grow older.
Keep each one I pray, under the shadow of Your protection and love, and may they grow in grace and discernment and wisdom throughout their lives. Use each one in Your service I pray, to Your praise and glory. In Jesus' name,