Prayer For Graduation Ceremony

Help us to not look forward in fear
to the changes in life;
Rather, may we look to the future with full hope,
because as changes arise,
you will lead us safely through all things,
because we are your very own,
and when we cannot stand it,
You will carry us in Your arms.

With you,
we shall not fear what may happen tomorrow;
because you are the understanding Father
who cares for us today,
and who will care for us tomorrow and every day.

We have faith, O Lord,
That you will either shield us from suffering,
or give us unfailing strength to bear it.
Put us at peace,
and give us the grace
to put aside all anxious thoughts and images.
We pray in the name of Jesus Christ,
Your Son, and Our Lord. Amen

God our Father, we give you thanks for bringing these young people to
this special moment in their lives. We ask you to accompany them as they
face new adventures and challenges. May the paths they take always
lead to you and to the eternal joy that is their inheritance through Baptism.
We make this prayer to you in the name of Jesus your Son. Amen.

Spirit of Life, Creator, Source of Boundless Compassion:

We thank you for this day,
And for the wisdom to recognize our gifts and serve you with gratitude.

Bless these graduates as they pursue their dreams in unexpected ways.
Provide them with the courage to move beyond fear and doubt,
To find strength in their capacity to care for others,
And to respect the diversity of humankind.
Help them to be mindful that true success is borne of meaningful relationships and a community that embraces peace and justice.

Through your gracious spirit, we ask that you
Bless them with patience as they explore new horizons.
Bless them with humility in the face of success and abundance.
Bless them with compassion for the poor, the sick, and the suffering.
Bless them with generosity in the midst of the challenges to come.
Bless them with gratitude for friends, mentors, and family, who have supported them through this journey.
And bless us allfamily, friends, faculty, mentors, and supportersas we share in the joy of their accomplishments.


May God's blessing follow you all as you find new journeys to travel. May you walk safely along the pathways of your dreams.
May his gentle hand guide the decisions you will make and the passions that you follow.
May your hearts and lives always reflect his love and truth,
And may hope be a light within you that you carry into each new day.


Our Father, God, how wonderful are the works of Your hands. As we gather here
today to celebrate a step forward into new places with new people and new
experiences, let us not forget the blessings that follow behind us. For this school, which
has given us a safe place to learn and a strong foundation to build upon as we take this
next step into Your world. For our teachers, who have so richly loved and cared for us,
even at our worst. For our families, who have cheered us on to the finish line and stood
by our side's through the many bumps in the road. And on this day especially, we thank
You for the friends that we have found among our classmates. For all the jokes that we
will laugh about in years to come, for the hardships and tears we have endured together
side by side, and for Your Love which has been made evident through the relationships
we will carry with us beyond these walls. Just as our school verse says, let us continue
to lay down our lives for each other just as You gave up Your life for each of us. Let us
love each other fearlessly and seek Your will earnestly all the days of our lives.
In Your Name we pray,

God our Father, we thank you for calling us in Christ to be salt for the earth and light for
the world! Grant that this time of prayer and reflection might strengthen our desire to
shine brightly in Jesus' name, and to use the gifts you have given us to serve others in
love. We make this prayer to you through Christ, our Lord.

Lord God,

We ask for your almighty hand to be upon all those who graduate today. Bless their lives from this day on with goodness and love.
Help them to stay true to their dreams, to use their gifts wisely, and to walk into the future with faith, hope, and great love.


Lord Jesus, I am so excited that my graduation ceremony is here and I want to place the whole day in Your hands and ask that You draw very close to me. Give me that perfect peace as well as an excited joy throughout the whole ceremony.
Thank You, Lord, for giving me this marvellous opportunity to study, to achieve my education goals and gain valuable life experience, which I pray will equip me in the days that lie ahead.
Thank You for granting me the focus and direction to complete my course of study successfully, and I ask that You would give me the determination to step out into life, trusting my future into Your hands, knowing that Your plan for my life is the very best path that I should take.
Lord, I feel that this day is the first day of my entire future and I want You to take the central place in my life. I give You my grateful thanks for always being there for me throughout my life up to this point, and ask that You would lead and guide me in the days that lie ahead. In Jesus' name,