Prayer For Good Health And Long Life

Tong nyi nying je zung du jug pi lam
Savior of the Land of Snow teachings and transmigratory
Chhe chher sl dz gang chn tn dri gn
Who extensively clarifies the path that unifies emptiness and
Chhag na p mo tn dzin gya tsho la
To the Lotus Holder, Tenzin Gyatso, I beseech.
Sl wa deb so zhe dn lhn drub shog
May all your holy wishes be spontaneously fulfilled.

Jig ten kham dir phn de ma l pa
The wish-granting Wish-Fulfilling Jewel,
Gang l jung wi sam phel yi zhin nor
Source of every single benefit and happiness in this world,
Ka drin tshung me tn dzin gya tsho la
To the incomparably kind Tenzin Gyatso, I beseech.
Sl wa deb so thug zhe lhn drub shog
May all your holy wishes be spontaneously fulfilled.

Heavenly father, I commit my life into your hand; let every generational curses upon my life and my family be broken today in the name of Jesus.

Everlasting father, I commit the totality of my life into your hand; please satisfy me with long healthy life in the name of Jesus (Psalm 91:16).

Lord, my life I commit into your hand, please forgive me of all known and unknown sins in the name of Jesus (Romans 6:23).

Father, Your Word promises me protection. I receive Your protection today and every day. I am not afraid of the enemy or of his attacks. No evil will come upon me. I walk in divine and angelic protection daily, so that I am able to live the life You desire for me to live. I call upon You, You hear me, You walk with me, You remain with me in trouble, You deliver me, You honor me, and You show me Your salvation. You satisfy me with a long and strong life and I thank You for long life advance. Father, I will not forget all the benefits You promised me in Your Word. You promised to forgive me of all my iniquities, to heal me of every disease, to redeem my life from destruction, to crown me with Your loving-kindness and tender mercies, to satisfy my mouth with good things, and to renew my youth like the eagle. I thank You for renewed youth and strength today. I don't have to feel my age. Caleb was as strong at 85 as he was at 40 and he was ready to fight for the things You promised Him. Like Caleb, my youth is supernaturally restored and I am ready for this day! In Jesus' name, Amen.

Father, I acknowledge that I have been bought with a price and my life and my body are no longer my own. I know that my body is your temple and I will do all that I can to maintain it. I want to live long and strong in the earth, in order to maximize my purpose and potential before I die. Help me to prepare and eat healthy foods, to learn about and to teach nutrition to my family, to exercise so I can maintain my body strong and limber, and to get sufficient rest, sleep and recreation. I rejuvenate myself regularly and I enter every day ready to fulfill Your Kingdom purposes for my life. Also Father, I thank You for the grace to keep my body under subjection. I don't allow my flesh to control me. I am free from the bondage of unhealthy foods and products. I manage my time wisely, so that I am not forced into bad eating habits. I command my body and my mind to focus on the image of health that you give me and I thank You for the energy and excitement to be active and productive daily! I enter this day with a smile on my face, a song in my heart, a spring in my step, and a healthy body! I can do all things with and through You. Let's go make a difference. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Heavenly Father, I know that You want me to prosper in everything that I do, and You want me to stay in good health. Lord, I come to You, asking You to bless me with what You already want for me. Lord, I need long life that I may enjoy the fruit of my labor, see my grand children and teach them more about You. I need long life that I may enjoy the joy that comes with grand parenting, and old age. Lord, many do not have this privilege, and I ask You to make me privileged today. Bless me with long life, and a long life filled with bliss, fulfillment, accomplishment and blessings. Bless my long life with good health and sound mind. Lord, just as my soul prospers, may my body prosper too. May my finance prosper too. May everybody I know and I love prosper too because it is Your will for us all. In Jesus' Name. Amen.