Prayer For Future Generations

Lord, thank You for bringing me into Your family and that I have been taught Who You are. Thank You, that You sought me out and saved me. Thank You, that Your banner over me is love and thank You for all the many blessings and opportunities that You have provided for me in my life so far.

Be with me Lord, as I face an unknown future. Teach me more of Yourself and give me an opportunity in my life to serve You, in whatever place or work You call me.

Lead me and guide me into all truth I pray, and as I face all my tomorrows Lord, I want to ask that You would show me more of Yourself. I pray that I may know more of You, that I may know Christ. This was the prayer that Paul the apostle prayed at the end of his life and Lord, I want to pray this at the start of my life as well.

Give me a teachable spirit and as the future opens up for me, keep me from the ways of the world, but help me to cling ever closer to You. In Jesus' name,


Father, we praise you and we look forward to the
generation of children that will be born because your
people fasted and prayed for their lives to be saved.
Those children will serve you and declare your
righteousness to all nations!

We pray now for a spirit of repentance in our nation.
We pray that our leaders would turn from this destructive
path and once again honor all life.
We pray that they would honor and protect the most defenseless
among us. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Dear Lord, today, I want to pray for the next generations. I think of those who make the headlines because of their lack of faith or their confusion about faith. I ask you to reveal yourself to them, to draw them to your love and grace.

I pray also for those who have said no to you. May they see through the distortions of the new atheists. And may they see beyond the failures of Christians to live as people of love and truth.

I pray for those who have chosen relationship with you, even when this requires them to swim against the cultural tide. I thank you for their thoughtfulness, their vision, their faithfulness. Help them, dear Lord, to continue to grow in your grace. May they bring renewal to your church. And may they find ways to live out their faith in the world, serving you each day in all they do.

All praise be to you, God of all generations. Amen.

God give me the strength and wisdom to pass on my faith to another generation. God, may your deeds, strength and power be known to this generation. May my life, words and actions bring you honor and glory.

God, make my life an enduring testimony of your great love and lavish generosity. Make all of memy thoughts, words, deeds, relationships, and service to yoube an ongoing testimony for generations to come of your awesome greatness. Lord, I ask this not for myself, but for your Name's sake. I confess that there are parts of me that selfishly want recognition, and there are other parts of me that act in ways that are simply incongruent with this prayer. So Heavenly Father, forgive me, purify my motives, change my heart, and never again let me stray my mission to represent you. Fill me with your enabling Spirit that I might be used for your eternal glory.

Future generations will never know the truth unless the Word of God is on the hearts of those who outlive us and who then diligently teach their children (Deut. 6:6-7).

I pray that everything they observe, everything they are taught, all the opinions they consider, and all the decisions they make, will be shaped and influenced by the Word of God. If they are saturated with the Word, they will have an ever-present and infinitely wise counselor, comforter, and interpreter to guide them through life.

Dear Heavenly Father, today I come to Your throne of grace to pray for the next generation of young people. Protect those who know You as their Saviour from being negatively influenced by the unbiblical worldview that is flooding our schools and colleges today, and also for those young people that have not yet trusted You as their Saviour, or who have become disillusioned with their life, and without hope in the world.
Father, skepticism and relativism seems to be flooding the into the educating system and causing many young people to become confused about their faith and to walk away from what they once held dear. I pray You would stem the flood of secular humanism and the various ungodly philosophies that are sweeping through the nation, and reveal Yourself to a generation that has strayed so far from the truth of Your Word.
I am sorry Lord, that as individuals and as a nation we have strayed so far from Your precepts and have allowed a generation to be born that has little knowledge or understanding about Your glorious plan of salvation and the glorious gospel of grace. In Your mercy, move in this next generation and halt the cultural tide that has undermined our roots, and caused us to become disconnected from You the only source of life and light. I pray You would move this generation to turn back to the God who created them and sent His only begotten Son to die for their sins. In Jesus' name,