Prayer For Freedom From Prison

Lord Jesus, You sustain all things that exist. I ask You now to sustain the faith of [name], who is now in prison, and use this time of isolation to make their faith grow bolder and their testimony for You grow stronger. Use him/her as a messenger of the gospel to those who are also incarcerated. Let this trial be used for good and holy purposes, in a way that will make an impact for eternity. Amen.

God Most High, You are an infinite source of joy for those who love You. I pray that You would supply [name] generously with joy so that the praises for You continue night and day. I pray that he/she would experience the joy of the apostles, who sang hymns while locked in chains. I pray that the joy of Your servants would move the hearts of unbelievers and bring souls to You in faith. In Jesus's name, I pray. Amen.

Jesus my Savior, I praise You and thank You for forgiving a wretch like me. Although I didn't deserve Your mercy, You granted me Your righteousness and all the joy of heaven. I pray now that You would grant forgiveness to [name] for the crimes that were committed. May it be that those who were affected would show forgiveness. Please let me hold no grudge or lack of love. And most importantly, I pray that You would forgive his/her sins and make them as white as snow. Let all heaven rejoice when forgiveness is proclaimed. Amen.

Blessed Father, I ask that by Your mercy You would grant [name] a blessing during the upcoming court appearance. I trust You with the outcome, and I believe that Your grace is sufficient. I ask only that You would be merciful, and that You would grant strength to bear the events that lie ahead. Grant wisdom to make good and Godly decisions and help us to honor You despite this humble situation. No matter what the outcome, I will give You praise. Amen.

Almighty God, I trust that You are a good and gracious God who hears the prayers of those who pray with a faithful and contrite heart. I humbly ask of You to help me to be granted the opportunity to obtain training while inside these walls. Lord, use this time to reshape me and use me for good. Please open a door for me to be built up with additional skills and knowledge that will help me in the future. I praise You for Your grace. Amen.

Oh, Jesus,

Your humility surprises me.

You understand loneliness and rejection.
You were a refugee.
You were misunderstood, misrepresented, hated, and tortured.
You were wrongly accused in a court of law.
You were a prisoner.
You were executed without having a fair trial.
You died.

Oh, the depths that you undertook
to feel the depths of human pain
and human separation from your love and forgiveness.

What kind of love makes God willingly become
its creation--
especially a creation condemned and shamed,
who will lose his human rights and experience human death?

You were willing to die
for everyone who has ever done an evil thing.
You cover sins so numerous and so hideous,
so inexcusable
yet somehow, forgivable.

A willing prisoner,
a willing death,
to free me from the prison of myself.



You have found me, you have forgiven me and you love me. I walk upon these truths, I set my feet firmly upon the rock of Jesus. As I leave jail I place my hand into the hand of Christ that I might led by his Spirit. Come guard my mind, let it be filled with praise, may it be full of songs of goodness that declare I am made new. And Lord, as I am freed from this physical prison, might I know your freedom in my soul. Help me to rebuild my life, to pour out love and goodness always and to seek a new pathway for my life.


Father God

In Jesus name we pray that Kent is released from the Prison. That he is found innocent of any crime. That his father David tells the truth and that David's mental illness and drug abuse causing his violent actions towards his son Kent is found as the criminal. Kent only defended himself and saved himself from being killed. Please release him unharmed from jail and conviction free so he can live his life as before working hard and enjoying life drug and alcohol free. He knows those addictions ruined his fathers life and he has stayed away from them. He has only helped those in need and has an upright reputation. Thank You God for that. Thank you Lord that he is safe and will be lifted out of that horrible un just system in Oregon City Oregon.
In Jesus name we thank you. AMEN