Prayer For Forgiving Yourself

Lord Jesus, I am sorry for my sins, I renounce Satan and all his works, And I give you my life. I accept you whom I've just received in communion. I now receive and accept you as my personal Lord and my personal Savior, and as we just prayed, fill us with Your Holy Spirit. Amen.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your amazing gift of grace. Thank you for forgiving me and the mercy you have bestowed. I am in awe and wonder at your great love for me! Please help me to forgive myself and move forward from my past. I pray for other wives as well, please help them to forgive themselves for things that happened in the past. As we repent and turn from our old ways we need to forgive ourselves so the enemy cannot use it to bring us down with guilt and shame. Show us how to give ourselves a little grace, forgive and move forward in Jesus' name AMEN!

Dear Heavenly Father, I understand that there is nothing to gain by holding myself in unforgiveness and there is everything to gain by releasing myself from unforgiveness and beginning the process of healing. I want to move forward and make a positive difference in the future. I confess the ungodly accountability, self-abasement, and the vows I have made to never forgive myself. Because Jesus died for my sins, I choose to forgive myself--to no longer punish myself and be angry with myself. I forgive myself for letting this hurt control me and for hurting others out of my hurt. I repent of this behavior and my attitude. I ask for Your forgiveness and healing. God, help me to NEVER again retain unforgiveness of myself or others. Thank you for loving me and for Your grace to move forward with You. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Father, right now I ask You to forgive me completely. Yes, every thought and action I have taken that has fallen short of what You expected of me, I place before Your feet. Please forgive me.

Help me to renew my mind by Your Word and with the help of Your Spirit. Help me to walk right before You and to form new righteous character traits.

In Jesus Name I pray, amen.

Lord, I know that You have forgiven me for my sins of _______. I thank You for Your unconditional love and grace. I am truly repentant and wish to overcome these tendencies. Now, Father, help me forgive myself. Erase my guilt and create a new heart within me.

Father, who do YOU say that I am?

Please open my eyes to see what You see, know what You think, feel what You feel.

Please open my heart to receive from You.

Show me how You respond in the face of failure.

When mistakes are made, big or small, what do You say?

When losses due to failure want to stare me down, show me the look in Your eyes.

When condemnation and punishment want to masquerade as Your voice, save me.

Grace me to see and to hear only Your response, for You are Love.

Your compassions never fail, they are new every morning.

For as far as the east is from the westso far do you remove our sins and failuresnever to meet or be brought up again.

Grace me to resist and reject any reaction that is lesser than Yours alone.

Grace me to forgive myself the same way that You do, and to lay down anything less than your tender loving mercies.

Open my eyes to see that you are much, much more extravagant than my wildest imaginations.

In Jesus nameamen!

Abba, Father, I am unworthy in Your presence. I have done wrong and caused so much pain. How can You forgive someone like me? I have made mistakes that I am ashamed of. These mistakes are not who I am, Father. They are not who I want to be. You say that anyone sins against me then I should forgive them '70 times 7'. Father, help me extend this principle of forgiveness to myself. Let me feel Your holy presence in my life. Hold my hand and lead me into a new life. Amen.

God of All Comfort, we are created to be like You in spiritual personality and moral likeness. I confess that I have done wrong. Thank You for forgiving me for rebelling against You. Give me the ability to cast all my anxiety on You, because You care for me and are so much stronger than me. God of Mercy and Forgiveness, help me to forgive myself and turn over a new chapter of my life. God, mold me in Your image and make me a vessel for Your good work. Build me a new life. I want to walk next to You all the days of my life. I want less of me and more of You. I want to be undone by who You are. So, Lord, I turn myself over to You. Have Your way in me now. Amen.