Prayer For Forgiveness Of Adultery

Dear Lord Jesus, my heart is aching as my husband has betrayed me and has found his sexual needs fulfilled in the arms of another and I am devastated and pray that You would carry me through this intensely painful time.

Lord I feel betrayed and it is a pain that is inexpressible, and I ask You to reach out Your healing arms of comfort and help me to come to terms with what has happened. Lord I know that in everything by prayer and supplication (and even with thanksgiving) we are to make our requests known to You.. I wish this had never happened.. but it has, and I ask You to show me what to do and how to come to terms with this sadness. Show me I pray, how to move forward and help me to save my marriage.

Lord I know that his adultery is a sin against You as well as me and I pray that my husband will see the error of his way and turn away from this ungodly liaison and seek Your forgiveness and mine.

I know that You have the power to move mountains and I pray that this great barrier that has been erected between us.. will be removed by Your grace - but I also know that he has to be willing to turn away from his own sin - but I pray that Your Holy Spirit would deeply convict his heart of his serious wrongdoing.

Father I believe that the enemy has been involved in causing my husband to fall into sin.. in this vulnerable area of his life. I believe that the enemy desires to shatter our marriage and leave in its wake many ruined lives and many hurting people, but Lord I pray that the wiles of the enemy may be thwarted and that my husband will turn from his wrong, sexual liaison and adulterous ways - and turn back to a godly way of life. This is my pray Lord.. Help me to come to terms with it. Help me to forgive.. Help me to more forward in my life but also help us to rebuild our marriage on a firm foundation - where You are the One that leads and guides our future life together this I ask in Jesus name,


Heavenly Father, thank You that I can come to the throne of grace for mercy to find help in time of need and Lord, I come today to ask You to help me to be set free from all sexual sins, including adultery, pornography and anything else that is an abomination to You.

I repent of my fleshly indulgence in sexual gratification, and want.. with all my heart, to break free as my life is being affected so badly and I know in my heart I am living a lie and dishonouring You - and I don't want to do that any more.

I know that I cannot do this in my own strength, but I do believe that as I submit to Your Holy Spirit, He will help me to break free from this bondage. Lord make me willing to break free from every area of sexual gratification and help me to say NO as soon as I have any wrong sexual urge.

Cleanse me from the inside-out I pray. I want my body to be a living sacrifice unto You and not a temple for gross sexual sin. I pray that I may become holy and acceptable to You and leave this ungodly part of my life behind - as I press on to the high calling of God in Christ Jesus this I ask in His name,


Oh God I have been so selfish and foolish and I am ashamed of my sinful behaviour.. and for foolishly seeking for fleshly pleasures outside of the marriage bed. Lord I was flattered that a younger woman who was interested in me, and I allowed myself to lust after the fleeting pleasures of sex, which has led me into fornication and adultery - and I grieve to realise the deep pain I have caused my wife and the whole family,

I never thought that I would ever fall prey to the flattering talk of another woman, but I did not heed to the warning signs and have caused grief to myself, my family, and to so many other people too but also I know that I have sinned against You, and I confess my fault.. and pray that You would graciously forgive me and return me into fellowship with the Father, and joy in the Lord.

Lord forgive me I pray. I repent of my sin and want turn right away from my ungodly behaviour, and pray that in the power of the Holy Spirit, You would help me. Lord I now know how easy it is to fall prey to sexual sin, but I desire to flee from fleshly lust and to remain pure in body, soul and spirit.

I pray that my wife would find it in her heart to forgive my and take me back oh graciously look down upon Your servant I pray. I ask that You would enable me to show her that I have truly turned away from my adulterous behaviour and ask that in Your strength I would learn how to live godly in Christ Jesus this I ask in His name,


Forgive me Lord.., I have sinned against You and followed after my own selfish way. I been drawn away from my husband's side, who loves me - and whom I love dearly, into the arms of another man, due to my own lustful desires and foolish pride.

I know adultery is so wrong and yet I refused to listen to the warning promptings from within.. even through I knew that out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies and of course adultery.

I confess my infidelity before You Lord and my sin is ever before me.. and yet I know that You are a gracious God.. Who forgives the sins of Your truly repentant children. Cleanse me from this evil behaviour, which has caused so much heartache and pain for so many different people.

Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow, and in Your grace and mercy, I pray that I may not have destroyed our marriage forever.. but that in Your pity and mercy You would help us to renew our wedding vows, so that we may step out into the future together, strengthened by this painful period but trusting in You to guide us into deeper communion with each other.. and with You.. this I ask in Jesus name,


Heavenly Father, we grieve for the pain that adultery causes in the lives of so many and we particularly lift up this precious sister in Christ, whose heart is aching due to her husband's betrayal and adultery.

Reach out Your righteous right hand in pity and love we pray, and touch her hurting heart with the comfort that only comes from above. We pray that she may know Your steadfast love shining within her heart and feel Your presence with her, every moment of the day - as she has seeks to come to terms with her husband's disloyalty.

Lord, she is Your dearly loved daughter and her husband has been drawn away from her side, due to the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eye and the pride of life. Bring this man to the foot of the cross in godly repentance; return him to his rightful mind and heal the brokenness that this dear woman feels in this matrimonial betrayal.

Only You can heal her broken-hearted and free her mind from any destructive imaginations that have been triggered.. and may she see that You are not only with her.. to be her comfort and help, but also that You are working towards a restoration and reconciliation between herself and her husband.

Help her to look to You in all things.. and give her the courage to trust this situation into Your hand and we pray that in Your time and in Your way You would once again restore to them the joy of being united in love, as man and wife.. this we ask in Jesus name,


Father, I have been deeply hurt and grieved because of my spouse's adultery and the pain at times is more than I can bear. It is so hard to come to terms with the fact that the one person in your life that you are closest to.. and have trusted implicitly, is discovered to be an adulterer who has betrayed the loving trust we have between us.

I lay my brokenness before You and pour out my heart to You, for I have no one to turn to Lord but You.. and I need Your comfort and healing touch to get through this tremendous sadness.

Father.. in my heart I know that if I nurse this grief and continue to feel sorry for myself.. that it is likely to turn into sour bitterness and acidic resentment. Prevent me Lord from going down that self-indulgent route, but rather heal me I pray.

Touch the areas deep within that are still raw with pain; bathe my wounds with Your love and peace.. and bring me through this ordeal, stronger and more able to be of service to You.

Help me to forgive too.. I know that in my own strength this would be impossible, but I ask that You would give me the sufficient grace to forgive their unfaithfulness.. and the ability to remember their sin no more this I ask in Jesus name,


Dear Lord, I have committed adultery. I have broken the marriage vows that I made to you and to my spouse. I know that I have done an evil thing. I truly repent of my wrong doing. Help me to turn from this wickedness and never go back to ___________ again. I confess that I am powerless over this situation. I ask that you give me the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome this temptation. Help me to do my part by breaking the soul ties off all further communication with this person.

Your Word tells me that if I turn from my sin, commit my life to you and continue to walk in your commands then I will be forgiven and my soul will be saved from hell. I now choose to recommit my life to your will. Help me to no longer live for myself and my own desires, but for what is best for my marriage, my family and your will. I now allow the precious blood of Jesus to cover my sins. As I pray this the bible tells me that I am now washed white as snow, clean and pure. Help me to maintain my integrity, to see that adultery is NOT AN OPTION and that with your power I will daily overcome and be the man/woman you created me to be.

Lord, give me a fresh love for my spouse. I cannot love __________ the way they need to be loved. I allow you to love her/him through me. Make me a vessel of your love, your servitude and your faithfulness.

I ask all of this in Jesus name. amen

God of mercy, we journey with Jesus during this Lenten season with the certain hope that you will renew each of us as your true disciples. Call us out of the wilderness of selfishness and indifference. Help us to reach out to those who do not know hope or love by being your messengers of love, kindness and mercy, we ask this through Christ Our Lord, Amen.