Prayer For Forgiveness For Masturbating

Oh glorious St. Raphael,
Our Prince of the Heavens,
We honour your gifts of wisdom and grace.
Guide us through our journey,
and console us when we are afflicted and have sinned.
Heal and protect us during our travels. Amen

Glorious Archangel, Medicine of God, I pray you will purify our prayers for protection from the vice of lust, and the grave sins of pornography and masturbation. Please present our prayers to our Lady, Queen and Mother Mary, perfected, whiter than we could ever make them.

I release myself from every spiritual pollution emanating from my past sin of fornication and sexual immorality in the name of Jesus.

I break myself from every spirit of sexual perversion, in the name of Jesus.

Dear,you can get rid for this sin from good confession because good.honest confession will be stepping stone to get rid from that sin
..ask Holy Spirit bless you and ask to give courage strengthen to do good confession then you will see the healing power of our Lord almighty Just now go to have good confession.
May God bless you.

Please dear heavenly father God in the name of the son Jesus christ help me and those who struggle with porn and masturbating. I know that it is a sin and that Yu dislike it so please God help us. Amen

Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ, and I bring to you my struggle with masturbation. Father, forgive me, for I want to live a life that is honouring to you and one free from form slavery. Lord forgive me for looking to another source of comfort rather than the COMFORTER whom you have promised. Holy Spirit reveal to me the roots of my problem ( write them down).

In the name of Jesus I command every spirit of sexual perversion working against my life to go, all mind polluting thought's of fantasy every arrow of lust that the enemy would shoot against me, I bind you in the name of Jesus Christ and forbid you from tormenting me any more. I speak to every evil spirit and I remind you that I have been bought by the precious Blood of Jesus Christ and that you no longer have any rights to operate in my life and that you must leave now, Lord shine your light into the dark areas of my life, surround me with a wall of fire and give me Your strength every day aganist my struggle. I pray this in the name of Jesus, Amen

Father, by your grace keep me so busy in order for me not to have time for self stimulation in Jesus name.

Father,by your grace, I overcome the sexual urge leading me to masturbation in Jesus name.