Prayer For Forgiveness After Adultery

Heavenly Father, I have wandered far away from You and become deeply embroiled in an extra-marital affair from which I want to break free.. so that I may get my life back on track. Deliver me I pray from this life of lies and deception.. Deliver me from the guilt and shame that is overwhelming me .. and I pray that in Your grace You would help me to flee every kind of sexual immorality, or of any impurity, or fleshly lust, from this day forward..

I have been weak-willed and careless in my Christian life and utterly foolish and selfish in my own marriage and my adultery has adversely affected the lives of too many people deliver me from the shame I feel, for I know that I am guilty on all counts.. and my sin is constantly on my mind -

Lord I confess my fault to You. I pray for Your forgiveness and repent of all my adulterous sins, but I need to ask forgiveness of my spouse.. and all the other people whom I have hurt due to this affair.. and I ask that in Your grace You would help me to do what is right. Oh Lord help and deliver me from the guilt and pain I feel and from the dark cloud of shame that is hanging over me like a shroud. Return to me the joy that I once knew in You.. and lead me in the way of righteousness in His name sake,


Heavenly Father, we come to You to lift up the increasing numbers of couples that are facing adultery in their marriages both the one that is feeling betrayed and let down by an unfaithful spouse.. and the one that has been foolishly led astray, by sexual sins and the gratification of the flesh.

We ask that You would intervene in all marriages where adultery and infidelity are taking place.. and pray for Your healing hand on every life that is touched by the destructive nature of adultery.. and each marriage that has been impacted and devastated by sexual sins and infidelity in their marriages

We ask You to intervene in each situation where infidelity, fornication and adultery has caused such sadness, pain and loss of trust. We also pray that You would revive the marriages of couples that have gone through the painful discovery that their spouse has been unfaithful and the devastating repercussions that are caused through the adultery of ones marriage partners.

We pray that You would disentangle the web of deceit that is woven through an adulterous relationship and ask that in Your goodness and grace You would touch the hearts of both partners, so that godly repentance may be received with godly forgiveness we ask this in Jesus name,


Lord to my shame I have committed adultery, broken my marriage vows.. both to You and to my spouse and caused untold pain and I am so sorry Lord and repent of all my sin and the evil consequences of my fleshy weakness.

Lord I confess that I am weak in this area, but that is no excuse and I ask that in the power of the Holy Spirit You would help me to turn right away from this gross and evil sexual sin. Help me to overcome temptation and not to fall prey to the enticements of flesh lusts.

Help me to run from sexual sin as the Bible says, and to break free from any sexual soul-ties that I have made - and keep me I pray, from being tempted to make any further contact. I ask that You would help me to resist all temptation and to help me make a complete break with this ungodly part of my life.

Purify my heart I pray and enable me to turn away forever from this fleshly weakness which I know must be called for what it is ungodly sexual sin - adultery. Help me to no longer live for my own gratification but rather I pray that I may be enabled to change my whole behaviour towards my spouse - and live in marriage union with my spouse, as You have outlined in Your Word.

Give us both fresh, new love for each other and may this evil that I have done not become a stumbling-block in our marriage but the start of a new closer fellowship with each other - and with You. This I ask in Jesus name,


Father, I have been deeply hurt and grieved because of my spouse's adultery and the pain at times is more than I can bear. It is so hard to come to terms with the fact that the one person in your life that you are closest to.. and have trusted implicitly, is discovered to be an adulterer who has betrayed the loving trust we have between us.

I lay my brokenness before You and pour out my heart to You, for I have no one to turn to Lord but You.. and I need Your comfort and healing touch to get through this tremendous sadness.

Father.. in my heart I know that if I nurse this grief and continue to feel sorry for myself.. that it is likely to turn into sour bitterness and acidic resentment. Prevent me Lord from going down that self-indulgent route, but rather heal me I pray.

Touch the areas deep within that are still raw with pain; bathe my wounds with Your love and peace.. and bring me through this ordeal, stronger and more able to be of service to You.

Help me to forgive too.. I know that in my own strength this would be impossible, but I ask that You would give me the sufficient grace to forgive their unfaithfulness.. and the ability to remember their sin no more this I ask in Jesus name,


My God, You are a Consuming Fire, and I ask that You burn out of each of us all desire for anyone else, all disrespect for one another, and any feelings of inadequacy or insecurity. I pray that we would rise out of the ashes of betrayal and that You would restore a faithful union between us. May we have eyes only for You and for one another. Amen.

Oh Lord, Builder of all things, I ask that You rebuild my marriage. My spouse has been unfaithful but has repented and returned to me. And yet, I find it hard to trust and easy to resent. Help me to be forgiving without being enabling, and trusting without being foolish. Help us to rebuild this marriage together into a stronger union than it was before. Let us experience joy and gladness together. Amen.

Dear Lord, I have committed adultery. I have broken the marriage vows that I made to you and to my spouse. I know that I have done an evil thing. I truly repent of my wrong doing. Help me to turn from this wickedness and never go back to ___________ again. I confess that I am powerless over this situation. I ask that you give me the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome this temptation. Help me to do my part by breaking the soul ties off all further communication with this person.

Your Word tells me that if I turn from my sin, commit my life to you and continue to walk in your commands then I will be forgiven and my soul will be saved from hell. I now choose to recommit my life to your will. Help me to no longer live for myself and my own desires, but for what is best for my marriage, my family and your will. I now allow the precious blood of Jesus to cover my sins. As I pray this the bible tells me that I am now washed white as snow, clean and pure. Help me to maintain my integrity, to see that adultery is NOT AN OPTION and that with your power I will daily overcome and be the man/woman you created me to be.

Lord, give me a fresh love for my spouse. I cannot love __________ the way they need to be loved. I allow you to love her/him through me. Make me a vessel of your love, your servitude and your faithfulness.

I ask all of this in Jesus name. amen

Lord Jesus, I have sinned before You and committed adultery. Forgive me Lord for winking at my own sin while I was gratifying my fleshly lusts. I repent of my wrong actions and foolish choices and confess that I have sinned against You.. and have caused deep distress, not only to my spouse but to the wider family as well.
Help me Lord to live a life from this day on that is pleasing to You, for I choose to turn from my fleshly lusts and sexual sin, which has caused so much grief and pain. I pray that with Your help and strength, I may learn to walk in righteousness and purity from this day on.. and in a manner that is pleasing to You.
I pray that not only my actions but the thoughts of my mind may be cleansed and made pure. Help my inner heart to be purified of all lustful imaginings, which could cause me to be led astray.. and may I learn to bring into captivity every thought, in obedience of Christ.
For all the pain that I have caused to others, and especially to my spouse, I pray that You would heal the hurt and lessen the pain I've caused, so that in Your grace we may mend the rift that has come between us and draw closer to each other and to You. This I ask in Jesus name,