Prayer For Finding A New Job

Heavenly Father, I want to lift up the many men and women who are seeking jobs in this very difficult economic climate and especially those that I know personally, who are finding such difficulty is securing a job.

Lord You are the One Who can know every sparrow that falls to the ground and You are the One Who knows the various needs of every job seeker. .. so open the doors of opportunity to those who are in need we pray, and particularly for those who have families to support, and who may be getting discouraged and depressed.

Look down in mercy on the many job seekers and may many use this difficulty that they are facing to be the cause of looking to You in faith trusting in You in a way that they have never done before. Be gracious we pray, in Jesus name,


Dear Lord, I thank You for my new job but I know that it is going to be very demanding as there is much to learn and less time that I would hope is being allowed for me to become as proficient as I would like.

I ask for Your grace and wisdom as I seek to come to terms with all the additional skills, training and expertise I need to acquire to become competent.

Help me to learn quickly and proficiently and may I find grace in the eyes of the management and may the quality of my work in this new job give a good Christian witness to my bosses and colleagues and be honouring to You this I ask in Jesus name,


Dear Lord Jesus, I come to You as I am looking for suitable employment, and pray that You will guide me as I try to look for vacant posts and apply for suitable positions.

Lord, I am Your child and my life belongs to You. I pray that You will use my life in the work that You have prepared for me to do.

Grant me wisdom as I start to write and apply for jobs, and I pray that I may find grace in the eyes of the employers.

Go before me I pray, and open wide the door through which You would have me travel, and please shut tight every door that is unsuitable in Your sight. Lead me Lord, along Your chosen path and may I be sensitive to Your voice saying, "This is the way, walk in it."


Thank You Father for my husband's new job and we give You all the praise and glory for answering our prayers and opening the door for this new and exciting employment.

Please bless this new work and I pray that my husband will settle in quickly and happily in his new position, and will be enabled to fulfil the many requirements he will be called upon to do and to overcome all the obstacles he may find in this new position. I pray that he would not only fit in well in this next step of his career, but be viewed with grace and favour by both the senior managers and other work-colleagues.

Give him the vision and ability to quickly recognise what needs to be tackled and the potential to act quickly and effectively. Help him to excel in all he does and grant him wisdom and ability to face any new and difficult challenges with confidence, wisdom and grace. Thank You that Your grace is sufficient and I praise and thank You for this next step on our life-journey together - in Jesus name,


Loving Lord You are my Father and You have promised to supply all that we need according to Your riches in glory and You know my need for a new job at this time.. and so I ask that in Your grace You would provide me with a suitable job, which would pay sufficient wages to provide for all my needs and those of my family.

Lord You told us to ask and it would be given and I have been seeking and knocking on a number of different doors and pray that You would lead me to the right place and open the right door for me. I ask that in the near future You would find me a suitable job where I can use my skills, abilities, training and experience.

I know that the job market is not good at the moment, but I also know that You are a God of miracles, Who is able to carry out the impossible in any one of our lives and I pray that You would move speedily into my own job seeking experience, and work in a wonderful way - and I will give You all the praise and glory, for You alone are worthy,


Dear heavenly Father, You are my Saviour and Lord and You are the one Who has scheduled each day of my life from the very beginning. You are the Author and Finisher of my faith and You are my Provider and my Protector.. and Father, You also know the dear desires of my heart and the need in my life of a new job opportunity and direction.

I pray that in Your goodness and grace You would broaden the horizons of my career, expand the boundaries of my life and open up a brand new job opportunity for me.. in the place of Your choosing., which will enable me to step out in a new direction in life so that I may forget the things that are behind and push on to new horizons and a renewed perspective.

Thank You that You have directed my path to this point in life and I ask that You would lead and guide in all things. Help me never to forget that all that I am and all that I have has come from You, and that You are my sufficiency in all things thank You in Jesus name,


Thank You Lord for this new job and I am excited about starting it, and pray that You would give me the grace to settle in well and adapt to the different environment and the new challenges I will be facing.

I thank You so much for the wonderful way that You opened up this job opportunity and answered my prayers in such a gracious and amazing way and thank You that You will be with me, every step of the way.

Help me to be well prepared both physically and mentally and Lord I pray that You would use me to be a blessing to others but I also know that going to a new job as a professing Christian may also have some difficulties. Give me grace to face any confrontations or prejudice. Praise Your holy name and may You be exalted in my new work, in Jesus name,


Loving Lord, we are living in a time of much need and economic hardship, and there are many today who are facing the shock of having lost their job, with little hope of securing a new position.

Father, this causes such deep emotional pressure and severe financial hardship at any time, but when the economic climate is so depressed, it has such a serious knock on effect on relationship with loved ones. Look down with pity I pray, on all that are having to come to terms with joblessness. Look on these people with compassion and in Your mercy, I pray that You will provide for their needs and secure for each one a new position.

Lord, I know that this can happen to any of us and none are exempt from such a devastating loss, but You have promised to supply all the needs of Your children, and I ask that in Your mercy You will supply all that is needful.

Bring good out of evil Lord, and may the loss of a job be the thing that draws each one into the arms of their Saviour. Save and supply the needs of all who are facing a future without a job I pray,