Prayer For Finances To Improve

Precious God, You are my treasure. It is easy to become materialistic here on earth, for where my treasure is, there my heart will be also. I pray that my spending will be a reflection of my values. I pray that I respect You with my finances. I need a financial miracle right now, but Lord, I do not hold my finances above You because the love of money is the root of all evil! I place You at the center of my heart and mind, Amen.

Magnificent Father, I come to You for my financial miracle today! I turn to You, not to man because it is You who has everything that I need! It is You who sends poverty and wealth. You humble, and You exalt. You are in control of all things, and You are the supplier of all needs! I turn to You for my financial prosperity, I lift up Your name for my financial miracle! Amen.

Lord Jesus, In Your Name, I'm asking for endless financial blessings and prosperity. I have a good husband who is retired and now I feel it is my time to find a great paying job, and to be blessed financially, maritally and physically.
Lord I pray for us to afford a new home, and to stay afloat of our bills, as we work to pay the bills off.
I always bless others in need when I am blessed, and I will continue to do so.

Jesus please, open the windows of heaven and pour me down blessings upon blessings.
In Your Name I pray and I Praise God and thank Him for His answers.


Heavenly Father, I come to you tonight humble with much gratitude for what I have now and for what will soon come. Please forgive me if I have had any complaints of what I have now or what I do not for it was only out of frustration. Today, I know I am blessed and ask if you can please answer my prayers for my loved ones in providing a financial blessing and to those that have helped me along the way. May God also bless us all on this thread and for those that have created this platform. In Jesus' name, Amen and Amen!

Lord I stand in the need of a supernatural financial break-thru O' Lord! That ONLY You can make happen. Forgive me and my husband as we have not always been the best stewards of what You have given. We ask Your forgiveness and mercy to help lead and guide us in godly decisions from this day forward! As we seek first Your Kingdom and Righteousness, Because we know it is You who order our footsteps. Thank You for filling us with Your wisdom and knowledge of how to handle that what You will release into our hands as we continue tithing, sowing and giving to Your Kingdom, and others in need. Lord You said wealth is one of our rights as Your children. You said to owe no man but to love him . Therefore we seek debt cancellation and blessings to be a greater blessing. We ask and thank You for another opportunity to leave a legacy to our children' children. Thank You Jehovah-Jireh, In Jesus Name. Amen.

Father God, I ask in the name of Jesus for help in my financial situation. I made some mistakes, I am in debt, and I can't get enough money to relieve this stress I am under. I haven't enough money to live and pay all of my obligations. I work on a job that I cannot get any extra time and it seems as if I cannot prosper.

I cannot move forward. It seems as if everyone around me is prospering. I know that God is my only source. I made mistakes with my finances, having to pay money for unnecessary bills such as court costs , fines owed, because of my neglect. I am under so much pressure that I cannot get ahead. Please relive of this pressure of not having anything, to help my grandchildren or myself.

I ask this in the mighty name of Jesus. I pray Amen.

St Jude, please help me to feel good and grant me the serenity and strength to fight all the problems that I am facing. Please intercede that my financial condition improve especially that we are anticipating a major event next year. Five more months but I cannot see where I am going to get the finances for my folks Golden Wedding Anniversary next year.

We are not thinking of a grand event but we are not expecting any financial support from other people. My family members are not financially well off, so I have the main responsibility to provide. I am living paycheck to paycheck. How can i save for the said event. I even thinking that I may'd be lay off this winter due to the business nature of my company. Please intercede St Jude to lift all my anxieties, uncertainties and worries and that i will see a miracle very soon in my financial condition.

Just enough to cover the event. You know how much this event mean to us considering of how we start as a family and how my Mom survive all the health issues. St Jude, please make a way. It's either additional part time job, a profit-sharing incentive, a raise, change job for better salary and benefits, quick cash like lottery. St Jude, i need your miracle this very moment. This is not all for personal gain, but for the benefit for my entire family.

St Jude please help. And I claim at the very moment that you will grant my petition, thank you St Jude. Thank you.

Lord please give me a financial blessing so that I can raise my daughters in our own home so that they can finish growing up in a more peaceful place, they do not deserve to have to put up with other peoples self rightious ways all I want is for them to have as normal a childhood as possible and I can not do it on my own,I really need your help.

In Jesus name I pray Amen