Prayer For Fertility Christian

Dear God, I feel so sad as I have had a number of miscarriages. Each time I have been pregnant, I have lost the little baby that I was carrying. I hurt inside.

I feel so sad and pray that You will heal the hurt and enable me to conceive in my womb and carry a baby to full term.

Give me the strength and courage to try again for a baby, for Lord this is what I desire so much. Thank You that You are a God that hears and answers prayer,


Dear God, we have been trying to conceive a baby for many years and I am becoming sad and anxious as I seem unable to conceive. I pray that You will give me the strength to conceive and give birth to a little baby as I long to be a mother.

It has been very hard as each month passes by and I remain infertile. I pray that it may be Your will to make me fruitful for I know that my times are in Your hands.

I pray that You will give us the joy of being parents and extend to us Your life-giving power to bring into our home the child that we long for. Bless us Father I pray,


Dear God, I am coming to You asking that You would grant me the longing of my heart, which is to have a child. Remember me Lord, as You remembered Sarah, and make me fertile I pray.

I have been hoping for a baby for many years now and I am beginning to feel that I may not be able to have any children. But You Lord are the God of the impossible, and I ask You to grant me this prayer in Jesus name,


Father, as Your children, we come to You and remind You that we have been redeemed from the curse of the law, and You have promised us all the blessings of Abraham. We are in a covenant with You, and we expect You to fulfill the conditions of that covenant.

Father, we desire to have a baby, and since Your Word says that children are a gift from You, we expect a normal, healthy baby to be sent to us.

Since [insert name] has been redeemed from the curse, we expect her to carry that child full term. Your Word says You will bless the fruit of her womb, and Your Word says she will lose none of her young by miscarriage or be barren, and that You will keep her safe through childbearing. Since she is no longer under the curse, she will be able to have this child the way You originally planned Eve to have childrenfree from pain and suffering, and pangs and spasms of distress. So, we expect this child to be brought into the world quickly and with no pain. We believe she will feel the contractions but not pain. We believe, according to Your Word, that she will have a beautiful pregnancy with no suffering during it.

Thank You, Father, for hearing and answering our prayers and for faithfully watching over Your Word to perform it. We know You have given Your angels charge over us to accompany and defend and preserve us in all our ways.

Now, Satan, you hear the Word of God. We speak it to you and command you to take your hands off us, God's children, in the Name of Jesus. We break all assignments you have put up against us and forbid you to hinder this pregnancy or childbirth in any way. We bind you and the Word of God declares that whatever we bind on this earth is bound in heaven, and whatever we loose is loosed in heaven. And we loose the peace of God to flood our hearts right now, in Jesus' Name.

Thank You, Lord, for hearing and answering our prayers. We love You and we appreciate You and look forward to seeing this precious little love You have especially created just for us.

Glorious St. Rita, O holy patroness of those in need, your intercession with our Lord is most powerful. Through the favors obtained by your prayers, you have been called the Advocate of the Hopeless and even of the Impossible. St. Rita, humble and pure; patient and compassionate lover of Christ Crucified! We have confidence that everyone who has recourse to you, will find comfort and relief. Listen to our petitions and show your power with God on our behalf. Obtain our petitions for us, if they are for the greater glory of God, and for our good. We promise, if our petitions are granted, to make known your favor, and to glorify God for His gift. Relying on your merits and power before the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we ask of you (here mention your request). Obtain for us our Request by the singular merits of thy childhood,
by thy perfect union with the Divine Will, by thy heroic sufferings during thy married life, by the consolation thou didst experience at the conversion of thy husband, by the sacrifice of thy children rather than see them grievously offend God, by thy miraculous entrance into the convent, by thy severe penances and thrice daily bloody scourgings, by the suffering caused by the wound thou didst receive from the thorn of the Crucified Savior,
by the divine love which consumed thy heart, by that remarkable devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, on which alone thou didst exist for four years,
by the happiness with which thou didst part from thy trials to join thy Divine Spouse, by the perfect example thou gavest to people of every state of life. Pray for us, O holy St. Rita, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ. Let us Pray. Heavenly Father! In Your infinite love and mercy, you heed the prayer of Your beloved servant, Saint Rita. You graciously grant favors through her intercession, which are considered impossible to human foresight, skill and efforts. Relying on her compassionate love, we ask You to assist us in our trials and difficulties. Let unbelievers know that you are recompense helper of the humble, the defense of the helpless, and the strength of those who trust in You. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

O glorious St. Gerard, powerful intercessor before God, and wonder worker of our day, I call upon you and seek your help. You who always fulfilled God's will on earth, help those desiring to conceive to do God's holy will. Intercede with the Giver of Life from whom all parenthood proceeds, that they may conceive and raise children who will please God in this life and be heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

Dear Lord, the Word of God tells those that are married to be fruitful and to multiply and to bring up our children to know and respect the Lord our God. Lord, empower me I pray, to conceive and bear children to your praise and glory.

You have told us in Your Word that children are a heritage from the Lord, and that the fruit of the womb is a gift from You, so I ask in humility of heart that You would make me a fruitful person.

Thank You, Lord,


Dear Lord, You know what happened to me and how the little baby I was carrying was still-born. Lord, You know the pain and grief that caused me and is still causing me, and I ask for your healing, Your comfort and peace. Thank You for the people that tried to offer me comfort and for the encouragement and strength that You sent my way.

Lord, that experience caused me to hold on to You ever more closely, and for that I praise You, but Lord Jesus, I ask once again to give me the desire of my heart and fill my womb with a living growing baby that I may carry and deliver to full term.

PLEASE Lord, be gracious to me and may I conceive and bear a healthy little baby, and I will give you ALL the praise and glory. In Jesus' name,