Prayer For Family And Friends

Father God, we come before You today to ask for your protection over our families. Let no trouble fall on them today. Keep them away from accidents. Allow no evil to influence their hearts. Cover them with the precious blood of Christ. Take charge over them so that they do not strike their foot against a stone.

We may not be with our families all the time today, but I trust that You, Lord, are always with them. Keep them safe today and allow them to give glory to You further. Give them peace of mind so that they may not worry about anything. Guard their hearts so that they may only display love instead of hate, anger, or bitterness. Amen

Guide our way, Lord, as we go on with our lives today. Also, be our shield as we go back home later. May you always preserve the bond that we have as a family, and may we look forward to seeing each other once again at home.

Guard our home as well, God, that no harm will fall on it as we are away. May it continue to be a sanctuary of blessing, comfort, and love for each one of us. Let it always be a restful place for our tired bodies at the end of the day.

Continue to protect us, Lord, as we rest at night. Allow no intruders or calamities to disturb my home tonight. I trust in your mighty power to keep me and my family safe from any form of evil. In Your Name, I ask all these things, Amen.

O Lord my God, I entrust all my loved ones in your care and I pray you protect and guide them daily. Meet them O lord, at every point of their need and fulfill all their heart desires. Be there keeper and grant them the opportunity to enjoy good health all the days of their lives.

My Lord and my God, keep my family and friends safe. Keep them far away from oppression. I will not receive any bad report concerning any of them. They will not die an untimely death and they shall all live to reap the fruits of their labor.

O Lord, touch the hearts of (.., you can call the names), that is yet to receive you into their lives. Touch their hearts that they may accept that you alone is the true Savior. Touch them that they may enjoy the joy of salvation in Jesus mighty Name. Amen.

We thank you, Gracious God
for Hallelujah moments.
Those turning a corner
and meeting a long-lost friend
Those climbing a mountain
and standing in awe of the view
Those wiping of tears
from our eyes as a baby is born
Those welcoming back
a prodigal child into our arms
Those answers to prayer
at times when we feel totally helpless
Those sighs of relief
at the end of a dear friend's suffering
For these and all
Hallelujah moments,
we thank you, Gracious God.

Bless our families;
mothers, fathers,
daughters, sons.
Protect them
from all that might harm.
Prosper them
in times of hardship.
Instruct them
in the ways of goodness.
Prepare them
for both joy and sorrow.
Unite them
within your arms of love.
Daughters, sons,
mothers, fathers,
bless our families
Lord, we pray.

Reveal yourself
dear Lord, this day
in the special places
where we can be alone.
Reveal yourself
in the busy places
where noise is all around.
Reveal yourself
in the smiling faces
of friends and family
Reveal yourself
in the sullen faces
of people passing by.
Reveal yourself
dear Lord, this day
and by your grace
bless this beautiful
but fragile world with joy.

We pray for healing and peace
for the stresses and strains
within family relationships.
For couples who have lost
the love that they once had,
and their lives are drifting apart.
For parents who no longer
can control their children,
and are beginning to despair.
For families who struggle
to live within their means
and not slip deeper into debt.
For children who walk into
a more uncertain future
with difficult choices to make.
For the stresses and strains
within family relationships
we pray for healing and peace.

Thank you, Lord
for showing us that love
has no boundaries or end
but listens, has patience,
compassion, grace
and gives without counting cost.
Thank you for granting us
a heart for those you love
and a willingness
to step out in faith
and service.
Thank you, Lord
for showing us true love
can be ours to know and give.