Prayer For Fall Season

od of the seasons, there is a time for everything; there is a time for dying and a time for rising. We need your grace and courage to enter into the conversion process.

God of Autumn, the trees are saying their goodbyes to green, letting go of what has been. We, too, have our moments of surrender, with all their insecurity and risk-taking. Help us to let go.

God of fallen leaves that lay in colored patterns upon the ground, our lives have their own particular patterns of growth. We need to see the connections.

God of misty days and harvest-moon nights, there is always the dimension of mystery and wonder in our lives, always the need to recognize your power-filled mystery.

God of harvest wagons and fields of ripened grain, there are many gifts of growth within this season of surrender. Harvest must be waited for in faith and hope. Grant us patience when we do not see the blessings.

God of geese going South for another season, it is wisdom which enables us to know what needs to be left behind and what needs to be carried into the future. We yearn for insight and vision.

God of graciousness, you believe in us, you enrich us, you entrust us with the freedom to choose life. For all of this, we are grateful.

As we experience the season of Autumn, may we allow it to speak to us of necessary change and growth and of preparation for seasons that lie beyond the Winter. Grant us an openness to the continuous process of letting go and moving on, which is part of our human condition. We know that you are our faithful companion on this journey. Your presence is blessing enough. AMEN.

O loving God, we give you
thanks this autumn season.
We accept with joy the gifts
of this year's harvest.

We praise you for sunshine,
for rain, for cold winds, and
for all that these days hold.
As Earth now begins its season
of waiting, we too wait upon
your ever-faithful care of us.

We pray for ourselves
and for all people
in our world in need.


We have been given so much and
instead of hoarding God's blessings, we want to share them. God, give
me a generous heart and lead me to give radically from the bonus you gave
given me at work.

Since we have
lots of energy in the spring, it is a great season to start something new.
We must listen closely to what God wants us to do so we go on the
right path. Spend time with your Bible on your lap and pray through
the scriptures. Ask God what He wants you to do and listen. Write
down what God is telling you

Lord God, let your blessing come upon us and upon this Advent
wreath. May the wreath and its lights be signs of Christ's promise to bring us to salvation. May Jesus
come quickly and not delay. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen!

God of goodness,
You give us the land to provide us with food.
May the food that is harvested this year sustain our lives, and may we always use it for your glory and
the good of all. Through this nourishment may we have the strength to be signs of faith, hope, and
love to each other and to the world. Let our autumn sharing lead us to know you better and to love
one another more fully.
We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God,
forever and ever. Amen.

God of all seasons, we thank you for Autumn.
We thank you
for the touch of coolness in the air that gives us a new burst of energy,
for the coloring of trees that shows the creativity of the Divine Artist,
for the falling leaves that reveal the strength of the branches,
for the hues of fields that bring peace to our souls,
for the smiles on pumpkins that bring joy to children,
for the fall harvest which that brings us gratitude for the bounty of our land,
for this change of seasons that reveals the circle of life.
God of all seasons, as you transform the earth, transform us by your Spirit.


We bless you,
God of Seed and Harvest
And we bless each other
That the beauty of this world
And the love that created it
Might be expressed though our lives
And be a blessing to others
Now and always