Prayer For Faith Hope And Love

Lord, thank you for the gift of forgiveness that You have given me. Thank You for Your mercy that you showed me and for sending your Son to die for me. Help me release my anger and frustration with _____. Allow me to be a vessel of Your divine forgiveness and allow me to forgive him/her. Just as I have been forgiven for my sins, so must I extend forgiveness. I choose to forgive ___ and set him/her free. In Your Name, Amen.

Our Heavenly Father, we are gathered here today to pray for our brother/sister ________. He/she is facing a difficult situation right now, Lord, as you know and we ask that you bless him/her with your peace and hope. Give him/her strength to face the adversaries and to overcome the obstacles in his/her way. But above all, Lord, give him/her hope for the future. Amen.

O holy and most praiseworthy Martyrs,
Faith, Hope and Charity,
and wise mother Sophia of these glorious daughters:
to you do we now hasten in heartfelt prayer,
for what better representation can we have before the Lord,
than faith, hope and charity, the three cornerstone virtues,
which, bearing their names, ye embodied in fact.
Entreat the Lord to shield us,
save us and keep us in every sorrow and trouble,
as One Who is good and loveth mankind.
Pray that His glory, like a sun that never setteth,
and which ye now see as becometh Saints,
be with us in our humble prayers;
may the Lord God forgive our sins and iniquities,
and have mercy on us sinners who are unworthy of His generosity towards us.
Pray indeed for us, ye holy Martyrs,
unto our Lord Jesus Christ, to Whom we send up glory,
together with His Father Who is from everlasting,
and His All-holy, and Good, and Life-creating Spirit,
now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Heavenly Father, when I struggle with everything going on, help me to remember that most everything is temporary. Help me to focus on the eternal things. Be with me and fill me with faith, hope, and love. Give the chance to share my faith, hope, and love with everyone I see today. Amen.

Gracious God by the power of your Spirit inspire us to diligence in our work of faith, selflessness and humility in our labor of love, and grant us a sense of unwavering hope in our Lord Jesus Christ that sustains us in all the trials and triumphs of life. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

Holy Spirit, open my eyes and calm my mind. Give me the recollection of the Father's love, of the Son's unceasing prayer, of the world as God's world and of your own presence within me.

Holy Spirit, give me Faith. Holy Spirit, reveal to me the truth of the Father's unfailing purposes, of the Son's victory and risen presence; the truth about myself sinner yet child beloved of God.

Holy Spirit, give me Hope. Holy Spirit, give me Peace; peace with God and peace with people. Kindle my desire for you. Strengthen my will to live and serve. Teach me and lead me where you will.

Holy Spirit, Give me love. Amen

Lord God, give me the faith I need to know your will, the hope I need to accept your will, and the love I need to do your will, even when I don't understand it, knowing that your way is better. I ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Lord God, please give me the grace of the virtues of faith, hope, and love that you promised at baptism and that only you can give.